Toys Kids can Share

You may want your children to learn about cooperative play. Playing together with toys is a great way to encourage this type of play in your children. There are certain toys that lend themselves to this sort of positive behavior.


If you have two little girls, then a dollhouse can make a great gift. Children can play with the dolls together. There are many different doll options. Barbie dolls have been some of the most popular dolls for decades. You can also get smaller characters or larger dolls so that they can pretend to be mommies together.


You can also look for a toy that is specifically made for two to use. For instance, walkie-talkies are made for little kids to talk each other. They can pretend to be spies. The make some that are made for one gender such as pink princess ones for two little girls.

Cooperative Games

There are many games that are specifically made for cooperative play. In these games children move to a single goal instead of competing against each other. These can help kids learn how to play well with each other and promote peaceful play. There are many toys that will work as cooperative toys.

Pretend toys

With many play pretend toys, kids can play together. For instance, you can get a play kitchen where the kids can pretend to work together to create a four course meal. You can get a playhouse that lets them pretend they are adults. They make pretend cash registers so one child can pretend to be a shopkeeper while the other is a customer. The children can play with a doctor’s kit with one person being the doctor and the other being the patient. They can both pretend to be firemen. They can also dress up and play princess. For boys, you can get a set of pretend tools, or even a workbench.

Play cars

There are many play cars that work well as cooperative toys if you buy a variety of them. Many boys like to race toy cars.

Spy toys

A lot of children enjoy pretending to be spies. They make special sets of spy tools that kids can enjoy playing with. For instance, they have markers with invisible ink so that one child can write invisible notes to the other and the other can use a special marker to decode the messages.

Building toys

Building toys can be great for cooperative play For instance, children can use Legos to build something. They can make a set together. They can also use building blocks to create things.

Outdoor toys

There are many large outdoor toys that are made for cooperative play. For instance, they make motorized cars that have seats for two kids. You could get a sand or water table. Of course many of the large playgrounds are made for kids to play together on. They may have a clubhouse or a two person swing. You can get a seesaw that is made for two people.

Toys can promote cooperative play. These can help acclimate your kids to spending quality time with each other and working towards a common goal.