Toys that Teach Abcs

Parents get excited when their child begins saying and then recognizing the letters of the alphabet. Besides singing the song over and over or using flashcards, parents have lots of options to help their children learn reading skills. Check out these toys; they will help your child learn his ABCs.

My Own Leaptop

LeapFrog is one of the leading companies when it comes to toys that encourage literacy. Leaptop is a successful toy; children love to play with it, and Leaptop was chosen as Toy of the Year in 2011. Leaptop, available in blue or pink, helps children learn the alphabet letters and even teaches them how to spell their own name. It comes with six fun activity stations and a USB cable to connect to the Internet.

It is simple for a child to use. Push a button and a letter appears. The sound of the letter is heard. Then a picture of an object that begins with that letter sound appears, and the object is named. 

It is more than just letters. First, it can be personalized. Then, there is also a music button that lets you make a playlist. Guess the animals from the animal guessing game. Also, there is Scott’s blog for kids to listen to. Finally, parents are able to send an email to their child. 

ABC Learning Classroom

VTech has created an interactive classroom with 26 students. Children can customize the classroom by choosing from three extra 3-D students. When a child presses the letter buttons to interact with the classroom, student figures rise to answer questions. The six play modes include letters, phonics and vocabulary. During play, the teacher provides hints. 

Parents can download additional interactive information. The child’s name, favorite activity, food and more are all included in the possibilities of downloads. 

This toy includes automatic shut-off to save battery life. It also includes volume control and a handle for portability.

Tag Junior Scout book pal

Children learn to love books before they are able to read. Leapfrog created Tag Junior Scout book pal to inspire preschool kids to explore books. Tag Junior board books, like ABC Animal Orchestra, Big Bird’s First Book of Letters and the Interactive Letter Factory, help kids learn their letter sounds. Each book has 24 playful activities and more than 150 audio responses. 

Parents will love this book pal. After a child has played with a book, the parents are able to connect the book pal to the Internet to see how well their child is progressing. They are also able to download printable activities that increase the child’s learning.

Letter Factory DVD

LeapFrog has put together a wonderful DVD called Letter Factory. In the show, Tad meets Professor Quigley and gets excited as he joins each letter of the alphabet in their own classroom, helping toddlers learn what each letter looks like and what it sounds like. The DVD includes a catchy tune that wraps up each letter. At the end, the interactive game has children practice their new knowledge. Children as young as 18 months learn their ABCs with this neat show.

Whether they are pushing buttons, touching books with pals or singing with a DVD, toys help youngsters learn their ABCs. Let them help your child get a head start in reading.