Understanding the Appeal of Dungeons Amp Dragons

Why would a game of fantasy appeal to so many? The answer is simple; you can lead a life in this fantasy world that you could not otherwise live. Example, a hopeless romantic could fall madly in love with an elven princess and chase her for years before getting her attention, and then after that he would have to prove his worthiness and embark on some great journey all in the name of his one and only love. Or at the other end of the spectrum, one could be a homicidal maniac and kill thousands of people without consequence in real life. But no matter the style of role-play, the game allows for you to sit down and have a good time with friends and/or family who are also interested in the game.

The appeal of Dungeons and Dragons mostly comes from the versatility of the game, you can move as fast or as slowly as you want, as well as control the storyline completely and you can play over and over and never have to worry about playing the same storyline, going to the same familiar places, and meeting the same boring NCPs (non-character players). Also when you sit down for a session you don’t have to do anything for the game to be fun, you and your party might sit in a bar and role-play about getting drunk and laugh at each other as you try to throw darts at a dart board and miss horribly.

Or for those more interested in violence, you can go out find a camp of kobolds and kill them all showing no mercy for the reptilian creatures. Or for those who are adventurous you might embark on a very dangerous treasure hunt that your character might not survive through; or for the more heroic, you might travel from village to village riding each of the terrible dragon that terrorizes the local farmers sheep and eat young virgins for breakfast.

As you can see from these few simple explanations and examples the appeal of Dungeons and Dragons comes majorly from two things, the ability to control your environment and relax as your character braves the harshest conditions, or sit back and relax as he/she gets drunk off their bum and can’t sit up strait on a bar stool to order another drink. As well as the ability to sit around and talk to your buddies about the previous week or however long it had been since your group had played.

Besides, in Dungeons and Dragons there are no true limitations or rules, only guide lines which can be follow as strict as the schedule of a boot camp, or can be discarded like old news. It is really up to you and how YOU want to play at the given time.