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Video Game Reviews 3 Count Bout Arcade

In the 1990s, Capcom had dominated the world of 2D fighting and wrestling games. SNK ended up becoming a formidable rival. However, it would seem that Capcom had superior arcade board technology which allowed the company to maintain an upper hand over SNK. Capcom created a popular wrestling game series for the arcade called “Saturday Night Slam Masters.” SNK would create “3 Count Bout” a.k.a. “Fire Suplex” for its Neo Geo arcade consoles.

I had found 3 Count Bout to be pretty interesting. Perhaps it is one of SNK’s more decent fighting/wrestling games. It would be developed and published around 1993.

Storyline: N/A

There seems that the game does not have a storyline. However, games such as 3 Count Bout do not need a storyline. It is pretty much an international wrestling tournament in which one person is going up against these other wrestlers to win the championship. Because of this, it is not applicable to give it a storyline. Plus, not many people play an arcade wrestling game for the sake of a storyline.

Characters: B

The characters are diverse for the most part. There are ten characters total for the game: Gandhara, Leo Bradley, Red Dragon, Gochack Bigbomb, Terry Rogers, Blues Hablam, Roy Wilson, Big Bomberder, Blubber Man, and Master Barnes. I found the characters to be quite entertaining. As a martial artist, I happened to enjoy playing as Red Dragon. So far, these characters really complimented the feel of 3 Count Bout.

Graphics: B

The graphics were similar to that of “Fatal Fury 2.” So far, that is not necessarily a bad thing from what I have seen. Still, the game sprites were a bit bulky and could have used some improvement. It still shows the superiority of Capcom’s technology over SNK’s technology. However, video game technology back then was pretty primitive. Today, video game technology has progressed a whole lot.

Game Play: B

The game play of 3 Count Bout is pretty simplistic. For a wrestling game, simplistic is good. You pretty much beat the living tar out of your opponents as if you were in a professional wrestling match. You have your set of special moves and pinning down moves. The game play is much different from your typical 2D fighting game. However, this is still a fun game to play.

Overall: B

This is a fun arcade game that definitely brings back the memories. So far, this game is only ported to arcade consoles. If you love old school fighting games, 3 Count Bout is definitely one to check out. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download the game ROM.   

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