Video Game Reviews Art of Fighting Arcade

With the start and rise of the popularity of Capcom’s “Street Fighter,” SNK had decided to get into the fighting game scene. So far, SNK has been a formidable rival of Capcom ever since. SNK had launched a few successful fighting game series. “Art of Fighting” is perhaps one of these series. One could call Art of Fighting as one of SNK’s answers to Street Fighter’s popularity. It was one of the few successful fighting game series of SNK. So far, it was one of the games that were available on SNK’s Neo-Geo consoles.

Ever since the release of Art of Fighting, there has been a fierce rivalry between SNK and Capcom. The game was originally released back in 1992. So far, this could be considered a hidden treasure. While this game was ported to other consoles, the arcade version remains the best.

Storyline: A+

For a game that was released back in 1992, the storyline is original. However, the continuity of the storyline is quite interesting. Originally, the Art of Fighting is originally set around the 1970s and 1980s. In this respect, this series precedes the “Fatal Fury” and “King of Fighters” series. In the later games, the continuity of the Art of Fighting changed to make it happen that this series, Fatal Fury, and the King of Fighters all have taken place at the same time.

Art of Fighting’s storyline is quite different from that of Street Fighter’s. It revolves around a kidnapping in which two main characters come together to rescue the damsel in distress. This is pretty much your typical rescue story in a video game fashion.

Characters: A

So far, Art of Fighting has quite a number of interesting characters. The two main characters are Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia. So far, Ryo is the equivalent to Street Fighter’s Ryu. Robert is the equivalent to Street Fighter’s Ken. So far, the cast is quite interesting. It is quite different from the cast of Street Fighter II.

Graphics: C-

The graphics seemed to be a wee bit bulky for the most part. The graphics for Street Fighter II seemed to be far better than the graphics of Art of Fighting. Keep in mind that the game was in 1992. Due to the age, you really cannot knock the graphics of the Art of Fighting.

Game Play: B-

If you know how to play Street Fighter II, you should be able to play the Art of Fighting. However, there is a difference. Instead of six buttons, you have four buttons. You have your story mode and your arcade mode. It takes a page from Fatal Fury. In the story mode, you can only play as either Ryo or Robert. For the arcade mode, you play as any of the characters. The game also has its share of bonus stages.

Overall: A-

The game is pretty much a classic for the most part. If you like fighting games, you may enjoy Art of Fighting. Again, the arcade version is pretty much the best one. If you have an arcade emulator, you may want to download the game ROM.