Video Game Reviews Avengers in Galactic Storm Arcade

In 1995, Data East had developed and published this interesting 2.5D fighting game called “Avengers in Galactic Storm.” So far, it is an interesting game that I had come across. It shows that Capcom is not the first company to develop and publish a game that consists of Marvel Comics superheroes and supervillains. This game is ported only to the arcade consoles. One could call this a game that is worth checking out.

Storyline: A-

I am on the fence on this storyline. If you do keep up with Marvel Comics, you should be able to understand the storyline. For those that do not keep up with the Marvel Comics storylines, it will be difficult to understand the story. For those that do not know, it is about the superhero team known as the Avengers intervening in an intergalactic war between the Kree and Shi’ar empires. The Shi’ar Empire is pretty notable in the X-Men comic books as Empress Lilandra does have a romantic connection with Professor Charles Xavier. Players that have not read Marvel Comics will probably wonder why these characters are gathering around for.

Characters: S+

You have an interesting cast of characters in the game. Captain America is one of the characters in the game that can be played. Other notable characters would be Thunderstrike (the new Thor), Crystal, and the Black Knight. So far, you have a great cast of Avengers characters in one fighting game. And then, there is an interesting cast of helper characters.

Graphics: A

The graphics were pretty much great from what I have seen. I enjoyed the 3D graphics of Avengers in Galactic Storm. The people of Data East seemed to know what they were doing with the graphics. So far, the graphics seemed to be enjoyable. While it was in 3D, it did not look as if they had used polygons.

Game Play: A

The game play is pretty solid and simple. If you know how to play something like “Street Fighter II,” you should be able to play Avengers in Galactic Storm. While the graphics are in 3D, the game play is in 2D. The game play dynamic is similar to that of most 2D fighting games. You have super moves and moves in which you can summon a special helper character such as Giant Man.

Overall: A

Avengers in Galactic Storm is quite fun to play. I could call this a classic that brings back a lot of memories. If you like fighting games, this is definitely one game to check out. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download a copy of the game ROM.