Video Game Reviews Battle Circuit Arcade

“Battle Circuit” is a 2D beat ’em up game from Capcom that was released around 1997. It is one of the more decent beat ’em up games. When I look at Battle Circuit, I see that this is why Capcom has become a dominant force in the world of 2D beat ’em up games. Capcom was pretty successful in that genre of video games with the release of the “Final Fight” series. It was even more successful upon the merging of Final Fight with its “Street Fighter” series.

However, not many may know about Battle Circuit. This is due to Battle Circuit never being released to North American in the first place. It would be released in Japan and then released in Europe. The game is a four-player game. Looking at everything, I wished that the game was released in the United States. It probably would have had a large fan following. But, I managed to download a copy of the game ROM for my Nebula emulator.

Plotline: B-

The plotline of Battle Circuit is a bit simple. But, I like the way the plotline was spiced up on a humorous sci-fi approach. It takes place sometime in the twenty-first century and focuses on a group of super-powered bounty hunters go around and capture wanted criminals for money. Like other beat ’em up titles, Battle Circuit does not focus much on the story development. But, not many people play beat ’em up games for the sake of a good story.

Characters: A

Battle Circuit has quite the interesting cast of playable characters. There are five playable characters. Each character has his/her special types of attacks for the most part. In a sense, Battle Circuit does have replay value because of the five different characters.

The characters are: Cyber Blue, Captain Silver, Yellow Iris, Pink Ostrich, and Alien Green. Cyber Blue is pretty much the most rounded character as he has all sorts of cybernetic enhancements. Captain Silver can morph into different types of forms. Yellow Iris is a model that uses fast attacks. Pink Ostrich is some sort of ostrich. Alien Green is a plant monster that looks like a Venus fly trap.

Graphics: A

For a beat ’em up game, I thought the graphics were pretty sweet. In a sense, it looks like Final Fight, “Aliens vs. Predator,” “Captain Commando,” and “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.” Looking at Battle Circuit brings up memories of these different games. Also, those beat ’em games were developed and published by Capcom.

Game Play: A

So far, this game supports up to four players. It plays like any other type of beat ’em up game. However, there is the element in which you can collect money on each stage. Before the start of each stage, you can purchase special abilities and upgrades to make yourself more powerful. You can destroy destructible objects such as crates to find items for points and health. Overall, the game is pretty fun to play.

Overall: A

Battle Circuit is a very decent arcade game that I had come across. Sadly, it will not see the light of day in the United States. One of the reasons is that arcades are virtually obsolete. I do wish that this game was available in North America. Luckily, I have an emulator. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download the game ROM.