Video Game Reviews Battle of Gods Online

Battle Of Gods is an online strategy and combat game with a medieval fantasy setting. There is no software to download and the game will play within your web browser.

Game Play

Battle Of Gods has both a city building component and a combat component that takes place on the game map. You can build up your settlement and train your troops for battle on the game map. When you leave your settlement view you are taken to the game map and you are free to lead your army around the map. Your army is controlled by your powerful hero character. As you explore the map you will encounter NPC characters that may give you a quest or mission and enemies that you can attack. Your hero will gain experience after each battle.


When you enter combat with any NPC enemy you will enter the combat map which is a series of grids. Each side get a turn and can move their armies into position. Your hero unit is very powerful in battle and can destroy whole NPC armies but you also must be careful with your hero. You can equip your hero back at your settlement with more powerful weapons and armor to use in battles. The merchant will have many different items your hero can use but only if he or she has the necessary experience to use the item You have many units to choose from including knights, falcons, guardians and dragons for your army. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses that most be taken into consideration when building up an army. You can also use the arena to battle with other players in the game. Later on as the game develops there will be kingdoms with many different players you can fight or trade with and form alliances for mutual protection.


Your settlement needs wood, food and stone to grow and these resources are vital to your success in the game. It is important to upgrade these structures to their highest level so you always have enough to build new structures. Having an upgraded warehouse will store any extra resources you might accumulate while you are offline and not playing the game.


Battle of Gods is a unique browser game. The inclusion of a combat map where you can pit your armies against each other in a series of moves is a welcome change form the basic text combat of many other browser style games. It can be fun to equip your hero with the various weapons and armor in the game and the units you can use in combat and different and unique. If you like medieval strategy games with a bit of fantasy, I can recommend Battle of Gods it is a very good game that has a lot of promise with future releases.