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Video Game Reviews Breakers Arcade

During the 1990s, SNK was really competing against Capcom in regards to 2D fighting games. However, it would seem that Capcom seemed to have always gotten the upper hand against SNK. Despite all these games being cranked out by SNK for its Neo-Geo arcade system, most of them could not really compare to the popular franchises of Capcom’s “Street Fighter” and “Darkstalkers.” The only diamonds of SNK were “Art of Fighting,” “Fatal Fury,” “King of Fighters,” and “Samurai Shodown.”

Around 1996, this company called the Visco Corporation tried getting into the video game industry. Today, Visco mainly manufactures slot machines. Visco had made some fighting games for SNK’s Neo-Geo arcade system. One of these games was known as “Breakers.” The original name was going to be called “Crystal Legacy.” However, it was officially named as Breakers. Unfortunately, Breakers was not much appealing as it only garnered a cult following. The game never received much success.

Storyline: D-

There is the apparent lack of a storyline in Breakers. So far, the storyline behind Breakers is very much unappealing. It seems to be trying to get onto the bandwagon to milk the success of Street Fighter and King of Fighters. So far, it seems that the storyline revolves around some sort of tournament. Then again, not many people will bother to play a fighting game for the sake of a storyline. The purpose of a fighting game is to beat up a human-controlled or computer-controlled opponent.

Characters: C

I am on the fence on the characters. So far, most of the characters look very unappealing yet some look very interesting at the same time. There is a character named Maherl who is from Saudi Arabia and character named Alsion III who is from Saudi Arabia. So far, I would have to give points on diversity of characters. Pielle looks appealing as well as the guy looks like a swashbuckling pirate of the high seas. The other characters look extremely unappealing. Sho tends to come off looking like one of the shotoclones.

Graphics: C-

The graphics of Breakers was very unappealing. This is one of the reasons that Capcom tended to get the upper hand on SNK when it came to certain fighting games. The backgrounds seem to be about two or three years behind 1996. Around the same year, Capcom had started its “Street Fighter Alpha” series. The background stages in Street Fighter Alpha were well done. It had superior graphics than Breakers.

The game sprites seemed to be pretty bulky for the most part. To me, I felt that the game sprites were designed sloppily.

Game Play: B

Despite the lack of storyline and sloppy graphics, Breakers is a pretty decent game. If you know how to play Street Fighter, you should be able to play something like Breakers. So far, the game play is extremely simplistic. The game play is solid which is the one thing that is good for Breakers. There is a super meter that is filled up by hitting opponents with normal attacks and/or using special moves. When the super meter is filled up, you can unleash a devastating move.

Overall: C+

Breakers is mostly unappealing unfortunately. But, Breakers does have very appealing game play. That is the only plus for Breakers. Unfortunately, one may not be able to find Breakers due to the decline of video arcades across North America. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download the game ROM.

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