Video Game Reviews Breakers Revenge Arcade

In 1996, a company called the Visco Corporation made a 2D fighting game for the Neo-Geo arcade system called Breakers. However, this had only garnered a cult following due to its solid game play. But, the visuals and the characters were only lackluster at best for the most part. In the same year, Capcom restarted its Street Fighter franchise by releasing “Street Fighter Alpha” to arcades. Sadly, Breakers could not compare with the aesthetics of Street Fighter Alpha.

There were many things in Breakers that was unappealing. The only thing that kept Breakers afloat in the world of 2D fighting games would be its solid game play. Two years later, the Visco Corporation would release an updated version called “Breakers Revenge.” In the previous year of 1997, Capcom had released “Street Fighter Alpha 2” which immediately picked up in popularity due to the success of the first Street Fighter Alpha game. Unfortunately, Breakers Revenge could not compete with Street Fighter Alpha 2. As a result, Capcom managed to maintain an upper hand over SNK in regards to fighting games.

Storyline: D-

Like its predecessor, Breakers Revenge does not have a developed storyline. In fact, the storyline for Breakers Revenge is by no means different from the storyline for Breakers. In regards to the story elements, there is nothing different about Breakers Revenge. So far, Breakers Revenge is somewhat of an “upgrade” of Breakers. But, it does not really look much of an upgrade.

Characters: D-

This is another reason that Breakers Revenge was not that special. Whenever there is a sequel or an upgrade to a current game, there are new characters in place. But, that was barely the case of Breakers Revenge. The only significance is that a new character named Bai-Hu was added. Apparently, Bai-Hu is the antagonist of the game. But, it does not seem that there is anything special about Bai-Hu at all.

Graphics: D-

The graphics of Breakers Revenge is still the same. Even two years have passed that Street Fighter Alpha was released. In the previous year, Street Fighter Alpha 2 was released. The graphics did improve. However, it would seem that the bulky game sprites of Breakers Revenge have remained the same. There was no improvement on the game’s graphics and characters sprites.

Game Play: B

The game play of Breakers Revenge is quite solid. That is the only thing going for Breakers Revenge. If you know how to play Breakers or Street Fighter, you should be able to easily play Breakers Revenge.

Overall: C-

The only thing going for Breakers Revenge would be its solid game play. However, it could have done more to improve the graphics and so forth. Unfortunately, this game is hard to find due to the decline of video arcades across North America. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download the ROM.