Video Game Reviews Burning Rival Arcade

Ever since “Street Fighter II” was released out to video arcades in 1992, it has become one of the most popular arcade game series. It has become one of the most popular fighting game series. This also made Capcom into the dominator of 2D fighting games. Many game companies tried to jump onto the bandwagon. There were a number of successes and a number of hits.

SNK launched series such as “Art of Fighting” and “Fatal Fury.” There was an immense rivalry between SNK and Capcom because of the Art of Fighting. Because of “Fighter’s History,” Capcom filed a lawsuit against Data East. However, the case was thrown out in court. It was a loss for Capcom in that respect. Namco launched “Knuckle Heads” which turned out to be a massive flop.

Sega also jumped onto the bandwagon by creating the game called “Burning Rival.” While the game was visually appealing, the rest of it was far from it. Burning Rival was not that appealing.

Storyline: F

There seems to be a major lack of a storyline with Burning Rivals. It is unknown on why these fighters have been brought forth. So far, it seems that there is a tournament in place with Burning Rivals. However, it seemed that the storyline seems to mirror that of Street Fighter II. Overall, there seems to be the lack of a developed storyline. It is not uncommon for most fighting games to have a lackluster storyline.

Characters: C-

So far, some of the characters in Burning Rival were original. However, the other characters I have seen in the game look to have been ripped off from Street Fighter II. It really shows that Sega tried to jump onto the bandwagon and failed. So far, the characters in general were not that great. In short, a lot of the characters pretty much sucked.

Graphics: B+

Surprisingly, Burning Rival had very nice cel-shading. This is perhaps the one thing that has taken me by surprise. Back in the day, video game technology was pretty much primitive. When I looked at Burning Rivals, it seemed that the graphics was a few years ahead of its time. So far, the graphics looked extremely nice. However, that is perhaps the one and only positive thing about Burning Rivals.

Game Play: C-

The game play of Burning Rivals is not really that great. Despite the graphics, the game play was very much lackluster. It was not that great. Street Fighter II has much better game play. It shows that Burning Rivals have tried to capitalize on Street Fighter’s II success.

Overall: D

Burning Rivals is not that great. It looks to be a poor attempt to emulate the success of Street Fighter II. So far, this game was ported only to arcade consoles. While the game is not that great, you can always download a copy of the game ROM.