Video Game Reviews Capcom Sports Club Arcade

When arcades were in their prime and rise of popularity, Capcom dominated the field of 2D fighting and beat ’em up games. Capcom did a number of fighting and beat ’em up games such as: “Street Fighter II,” “Super Street Fighter II Turbo,” “Street Fighter III,” “X-Men: Children of the Atom,” “Marvel Super Heroes,” “Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter,” “Marvel vs. Capcom 2,” “Captain Commando,” “Final Fight,” “Dungeons and Dragons,” “Armored Warrior,” “Cadillacs ‘n’ Dinosaurs,” and “Battle Circuit.”

However, Capcom did create a number of other games for the arcade. One such game is called the “Capcom Sports Club.” This is perhaps one of the best and most lighthearted arcade games that I have come across. There are times in which you may want to relax and play something that has nothing to do with beating your opponents to a pulp. This is where Capcom Sports Club comes in. In a sense, this is similar to this game called “3 Wonders” in which the game is a multi-platform game where it is three games made into one arcade game.

Storyline: N/A

It is quite inapplicable to have a storyline in the game. The thing is, this is a game in which three different sports games are combined into one arcade game. You do not play a game like this for the sake of a storyline. On top of that, it seems to be implausible to give a game like Capcom Sports Club a storyline. To give a storyline to a game like this would not really make any sense for the most part.

Characters: N/A

The characters are pretty much inapplicable. The characters are pretty much your generic characters that are part of many different sports teams. Even though I cannot give a grade to the characters, they look interesting enough for the most part. Overall, these characters were quite refreshing.

Graphics: A

I liked the cartoonish graphics for the game. So far, it seemed to fit the environment and atmosphere that Capcom wanted to bring for Capcom Sports Club. The graphics are quite refreshing from what I have seen and played. Overall, the graphics were very appropriate for the game and so forth. This is one of the reasons that Capcom dominated the arcades.

Game Play: A

This is three games combined into one game. You have Smash Stars which is a tennis game, Dunk Stars which is a basketball game, and Kick Stars which is a soccer game. It is pretty cool that there are three games in one. In this respect, there is plenty of replay value in Capcom Sports Club. This is something that you can pretty much keep playing over and over again.

Overall: A

This is a highly refreshing game from what I have seen. If you want to play something to relax, you can always play this game. Unfortunately, this game has not been ported to the game consoles. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download a copy of the game ROM.