Video Game Reviews Civ Online

Civ online is a civilization style empire building game that you can play entirely through your web browser. The game requires no downloads and is completely free to play.

Game Play

Civ online is a great strategy game and very fun to play. There are many buildings to construct and technologies to research as you build up your city. You can play as Scandinavia, France, England or Germany and fight for control of the game map. Yu can build barracks, walls, mines, lumber mills, storage areas and other buildings. The game consists of several key resources including food, iron, stone, clay, ore and metal. Your resources are used to build structures, facilitate upgrades, and construct units. You also acquire gold through taxing your workers in your city.

This games features a large technology tree with many upgrades you need to complete to gain access to better units and technology. You can do economic, architecture, armament, and military research. As you upgrade your buildings you will be able to level up your research and improve the functionality of your city. The game play is quite simple and the interface is easy to use. You will need to wait for each building to complete before you can build another one but you can queue up several research upgrades at once if you want.

Your armies are unique since you can equip each solder with different weapons and armor options. By using the blacksmith each soldier can have different weapons, armor and shields that all offer different damage so you will never know the exact offensive capabilities the armies you may face. The downside to this is that each upgrade of your barracks only allows you to train two additional troops. You may decide to build all ranged units or all melee sword fighters it is up to you to decide what you want to do. There are no cavalry units in the game which is another down point but you do have a siege unit, the catapult. You can use the spy unit on your enemies and the medic unit to heal wounded soldiers. There is even an advanced mage unit for magic spells in combat.


There is a nice wiki page that explains the game in greater detail and you can find help on the forums. The game is not for everyone as it can take quite some time to upgrade your city. Civ Online is a good strategy game but needs more units in the game. The ability to equip each individual soldier adds to some strategy during combat engagements. I can recommend Civ Online to those who like strategy games with a medieval component.