Video Game Reviews Daraku Tenshi the Fallen Angels Arcade

The game company known as Psikyo seemed to have wanted to take another shot at creating 2D fighting games. The first fighting game created by Psikyo was called “Battle K-Road” which was released around 1994. That game was based off the actual K-Road Tournament. But, the tournament is banned in just about every country because it has no rules which attract the most ruthless fighters from across the world. However, Battle K-Road was not that successful.

Four years later in 1998, Psikyo decides to take another crack at it. A new game would be developed and published by Psikyo. This game is known as “Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels.” So far, I had found that game to be appealing in visuals and in game play. Perhaps this is one of the best 2D fighting games that I had come across.

Storyline: A

For a 2D fighting game, Daraku Tenshi has perhaps one of the most original storylines that I had ever seen. It did not rip off from either Capcom’s “Street Fighter,” SNK’s “Fatal Fury,” or Namco’s “Tekken.” This storyline does not really revolve around some sort of international tournament.

The story takes place around 2000 in an alternate timeline. Around the morning time, a city gets struck by a magnitude 7 earthquake. Everything stops functioning and the city ends up shifting away from the main land and becomes an island. The place becomes a dystopia. Ironically, the place is called “Eden.” Overall, Daraku Tenshi presents a very original storyline.

Characters: A

So far, the characters were extremely original. From what I have seen, Daraku Tenshi did not rip off from either Street Fighter or “King of Fighters.” There was no evidence that any of the characters were shotoclones or Kyo-clones. They are very much original for the most part. Overall, this was a major plus with me.

Graphics: A

The graphics were quite original from what I have seen. To me, the character sprites and the background stages were very well done. It seemed to be different yet up to par with the cel-shaded graphics of Capcom’s “Street Fighter Alpha” series.

Game Play: A

The game play of Daraku Tenshi was decent. If you know how to play Street Fighter, you should be able to play Daraku Tenshi. However, there is a bit more realism added in which only two characters have projectile attacks. But, the projectile attacks are far more realistic than what you would see in Street Fighter or King of Fighters.

Overall: A

Daraku Tenshi is perhaps one of the best games that I had ever come across. Unfortunately, the game is difficult to find with the decline in numbers and popularity of video arcades across the world. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download the game ROM.