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In 1993, Data East had developed and published an interesting fighting game called “Fighter’s History.” So far, it was an interesting game from what I have seen. However, it would seem that Data East tried to jump onto the bandwagon of the popularity given to Capcom’s “Street Fighter II.” This game has proven interesting. However, the game was not that well received.

It was originally ported to the arcade around 1993. It would be ported to the Super Nintendo (SNES) around 1994. However, I thought that the arcade version was better than the SNES version. Also, this is the one game that caused a legal dispute between Data East and Capcom. However, the case was tossed out of court because of “scenes a faire” which is a French term that certain elements are not copyrighted.

Storyline: C-

Fighter’s History does not seem to have much of an original storyline. One could easily see that Fighter’s History seemed to have tried to rip off of Street Fighter II. The fighters across the world are brought together for some sort of international martial arts tournament. It shows that Fighter’s History tried to rip off from Street Fighter II in that respect. There was not really anything to differentiate the storylines between Fighter’s History and Street Fighter II.

Characters: C+

I am on the fence with the characters of Fighter’s History. So far, I have to say that the characters are quite diverse. However, it would seem some of them were ripped off from Street Fighter II. So far, it would see that Liu Feilin is supposed to be the game’s equivalent to Street Fighter II’s Chun-Li. Samchay Tomyamgun is supposed to be the game’s equivalent to Street Fighter II’s Sagat.

However, there are some interesting characters. It seems that the cast is far more diverse as there are characters from France, Russia, Italy, China, Great Britain, etc.

Graphics: C+

The graphics were all right. In a sense, I could say that it was slightly better than the graphics of Street Fighter II. Or, one could say that someone copied it off of Street Fighter II. Keep in mind that video game technology at the time was very primitive. In short, one should not know the graphics that bad.

Game Play: B

So far, it seems that Fighter’s History does have some very solid game play. In a sense, it does feel like Street Fighter II. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing if you think about it. Street Fighter II has solid game play. Why would one not want to emulate the game play dynamic of Street Fighter II? If you know how to play Street Fighter II, you should be able to play Fighter’s History.

Overall: C+

Fighter’s History is a rather interesting fighting game. It is understandable of the reasons that Capcom had attempted to sue Data East. There are plenty of similarities between Fighter’s History and Street Fighter II. If you look beyond all of that, you can see that Fighter’s History is pretty interesting. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download a copy of the game ROM.

o-s#4rnn hhm So far, the game is extremely exciting. It is a fighting game that will probably have you playing for hours upon hours. You have your regular story and arcade modes. The story mode is perhaps one of the best I had come across. Overall, the game is solid in game play.

Overall: S+

It is perhaps one of the best fighting games I had come across. For many reasons, this is the spiritual successor for Guilty Gear. This game shows that you do not have to rip off of Street Fighter in order to be successful. If you love fighting games, you should get a copy of this game.