Video Game Reviews Final Fantasy Vii Crisis Core

Even before I was introduced to the fantastical and magical world of Final Fantasy, I knew that it was going to be something amazing. When I purchased the first Final Fantasy game (Final Fantasy X) and the first movie (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children), I was practically addicted to its imaginative stories and ideas. Final Fantasy inspires me to write my action-packed novels, and it really relaxes me when I’m stressed out. Anyone who thinks that Final Fantasy is lame should see a Final Fantasy movie for themselves and see that they are wrong.
But enough beating around the bush. I am here to talk about the amazing new game developed by Square Enix: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. When I buy a new video game, I want something that will give me a tingling feeling inside like I’m ten years old again. Now, I’m not a video game “fanatic,” but when I played Crisis Core, I felt that tingling sensation in the most powerful way imaginable. There are many reasons why people should play Crisis Core and I am here to speak of them.
The first reason that I enjoy Crisis Core is because it sets the story before the occurrences of Final Fantasy VII. Now, if you play Crisis Core before you see the movie (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, it makes it easier to understand the movie. If you watch the movie and then play the game, it makes the game a much more enriching experience. I especially like the way of how they made some of the characters and things in Crisis Core completely different from the Final Fantasy VII movie. For example, in the movie, Sephiroth is shown to be an evil, despicable, and truly frightening character who would slice your arm off if you just look at him funny. However, in Crisis Core, Sephiroth is shown to be more caring for other people because he wouldn’t fight Genesis (the main anarchist of the game) and Angeal (the guy who’s kinda trying to find himself or something) because they were the only friends that Sephiroth had. (At this point, I was like “Awww…Sephiroth has a heart)They also made Sephiroth an incredible hero (with a fan club and everything) who saved millions of lives instead of a deadly villain who killed millions. Another thing that I liked was how the portrayed Cloud Strife. In the movie, Cloud was like a titan who could knock all of his enemies down. However, in Crisis Core, Cloud was just a soft novice who could hardly hurt a fly (which I think is kind of cool that they show the times when he was working hard to become the hero that he is in the movie.) In addition, Cloud NEVER smiles in the movie, but Cloud was laughing and smiling in the Crisis Core game. When I saw Cloud smile for the first time, it was kind of a shock to me because I’ve never seen him show any signs of happiness in my life.
The second reason why I like the Crisis Core game would be that it has incredible graphics. When you play the Crisis Core game, the graphics and the sound make you feel like you’re in a front seat of the battle zone, watching the battle go on before your very eyes. Other games don’t have graphics or sound that are HALF as well-designed as the ones that Square Enix makes. Crisis Core is proof of that.
Now I don’t know about anyone else, but the third reason that I like Crisis Core would be that it has an inbox. Now, I thought that when they put the inbox in the game, it was kind of cool because the makers of the game want to make Crisis Core as life-like as possible. It has messages from his friends, from the company, it even has SPAM. This shows that Square Enix must have put a lot of work and effort to put an inbox into the game.
The fourth reason why I like Crisis Core would be that he fighting system in Crisis Core is much better than the one in Final Fantasy X. In Final Fantasy X, you have to pick out the enemy that you want to attack and you attack in turns. The enemy attacks once, the hero attacks once, the enemy attacks once, you get the picture. However, in Crisis Core, the game allows much more movement around the battlefield and it doesn’t involve turns, like the Final Fantasy X game.
The fifth reason that I like Crisis Core once again compares to Final Fantasy X. I want to talk about the battle music that is played during a fight. In Crisis Core, the battle music amped up your “andrenaline senses” so you can connect with the game and really kick some enemies’ butts. The Crisis Core game used rock instead of classical music (which isn’t so bad when it comes to Square Enix) to simulate the battles and I pretty much liked that. In Final Fantasy X, the battle music was so cheesy that it makes you think “when will this fight end?” When you play a game, you’re supposed to ENJOY battling other enemies. In Final Fantasy X, with the cheesy battle music and the horrific battle system, it made fighting enemies a really tedious rut.
The sixth reason is anothe comparison to Final Fantasy X. Upgrading your character in Crisis Core is pretty easy. Not as easy as in Kingdom Hearts games, but much easier to understand than in the Final Fantasy X game. In the Final Fantasy X game, you had to use different spheres and a huge grid. Upgrading your character is like taking advanced calculus. Now, it wasn’t so hard to understand for me, because I’m pretty smart, but other players might not be as smart and the sphere grid will be very difficult for them to understand.
When you go a to a store and see the Crisis Core game, you will be so mad because it costs almost 40 dollars. However, when you buy it, you will soon realize that Crisis Core was worth every penny of it. It is an incredible game. If you are a Final Fantasy fan, get up from your computer, rush to the nearest Wal-Mart, and buy that game.