Video Game Reviews Free Farm Game Online

Free Farm Game is a farm simulation game that allows you to build up a farm from the ground up. You start with a few buildings and fields and slowly over time build a thriving farm.

Game Play

Free Farm Game may have a very bad title but the game play in this simulation game is very good. The graphics are nicely rendered and you even have rain and weather effects. Your crops need to be watered, animals fed and land worked on every day to be successful. The game uses turns and you are given so many turns each day. If you run out of turns you cannot work on your farm, but if you have enough money you can hire other farmers and gain more turns or you can purchase food or cook it yourself which will gain you more endurance for farming.

You can compete against other farmers in tournaments or do quests in the game which will help you gain fame and unlock more options for game play. It can take some time to develop fame as this is a slow moving game. This is not a game for players who don’t have any patience.

You can hunt, fish, gather wood and other items that you can sell in the market. You can also collect eggs from your chickens, sell meat, and crops. It is up to you to decide what area of your farm you want to work on the most. When you do hunt or fish you might not get anything to sell, the chances are random.

Crops need to be watered when it is dry out and given fertilizer. You can breed your animals but must also make sure they have food and water as well as a clean cage. Crops can fail, animals can die, or be attacked by wild animals if they are outside. The environment in this game plays a large role in how successful your farm will be.

There are different buildings you can eventually build and can provide food and other items you can sell to make a profit. You also have to pay the other farmers on your land and things such as property, taxes and utility bills.


Free Farm game is one of the best farm simulations I have seen and will keep you challenged as you build up your farm. The game does play slow and takes patience to master and get proficient at. If you like farm games and want a change from Facebook style farm games I can recommended Free Farm Game.