Video Game Reviews Galaxy Fight Arcade

In the 1990s, there has been an intense rivalry between Capcom and SNK with regards to 2D fighting games. However, Capcom has always seemed to gain the upper hand on SNK. That is the ironic part in which SNK kept cranking out one fighting game after another. SNK had successful titles in “Fatal Fury,” “Samurai Shodown,” and “Art of Fighting.” However, SNK’s other games did not fare well Capcom’s fighting game series such as “Street Fighter” and “Darkstalkers.”

This game is called “Galaxy Fight.” So far, Galaxy Fight is an interesting game. There are some interesting concepts for the most part. The game was developed by Sunsoft and published by SNK.

• Storyline: A

So far, Galaxy Fight has an interesting storyline as it takes place far in the future. It takes place in the galaxy and revolves around the Divine Being, who appears once every one-thousand years. Felden Crais, the Divine Being, is the one that appears. This is a person who is neutral and omnipotent. This story revolves around meeting Felden Crais.

• Characters: B+

Galaxy Fight has an interesting cast of characters that fit the mood and feel of Galaxy Fight. The characters are: Rolf, Kazuma, Juri, Roomi, Gunter, Alvan, Musafar, G. Done, Feldan, Bonus Kun, Yacopu, and Rouwe.

In a sense, Rolf seems to be your typical shotoclone. However, he looks a bit different. Bonus Kun is funny because he is a punching back that had come to life. Also, Bonus Kun is a parody of Ryu from Capcom’s Street Fighter series.

There is also Yacopu who is a big enough rabbit. Yes, Yacopu is a rabbit that can morph into other characters.

• Graphics: B

For a game of its time, Galaxy Fight has pretty decent graphics. I liked those graphics compared to some of SNK’s other fighting games. The game sprites were just right. So far, the game sprites were not bulky which was a problem with SNK’s other fighting game series.

• Game Play: B

The game play is all right for Galaxy Fight. This is a true old school fighting game. If you know how to play something like Street Fighter II, you should be able to play a game like Galaxy Fight. It is considered to play like a true old school fighting game. So far, there are no super meters in the game. That would mean characters are unable to perform super moves in the game. However, there is an interesting touch: the stages. The stages scroll infinitely to make the game play interesting.

• Overall: B

Galaxy Fight is a decent enough but underrated fighting game. If you are into old school fighting games, you may like Galaxy Fight. But, it is a bit hard to find a copy of this game. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download the game ROM.