Video Game Reviews Ganryu Arcade

In 1999, a company called Visco developed a 2D side-scrolling platform game called “Ganryu.” The other title is known as “Musashi Ganryuki.” Interestingly enough, this is something that is based off the famous swordsman known as Miyamoto Musashi. He is known for defeating Kojiro Sasaki using a boat’s oar. So far, this is a game that is really loosely based off of Musashi. This game would be ported to SNK’s Neo-Geo arcade machines. While the game looks interesting, it was far from interesting.

The game seemed to have a lot of potential. However, the game lacks a lot of originality. On top of that, the game was released back in 1999. During that time, video game technology was becoming far more advance. One example would be the release of the Sega Dreamcast which had superior graphics than the Sony Playstation and the Nintendo 64.

Storyline: C-

The storyline is loosely based off of Musashi’s victory over Kojiro Sasaki. These are two historical swordsmen in Feudal Era Japan. Afterwards, Musashi returns home a month later. Kyoto gets attacked by ninjas. Most of the people get kidnapped and it is up to Musashi to rescue them.

In this respect, the storyline is very unoriginal for the most part. Then again, not many people will play an arcade game for the sake of a storyline. Why waste quarters or tokens on an arcade game for the sake of a storyline. Most people would rather buy a game for their consoles for the same of a deep and compelling storyline.

Characters: C-

The main character is Musashi. However, the game did not give the guy any depth at all. They simply made him your run of the mill generic hero that has to go up against ninjas to save the day. On top of that, there is a second character known as Suzume. Unfortunately, the game did not give her any depth either. She was pretty much the generic and unoriginal heroine. Overall, there is no depth to the characters at all. Then again, who plays an arcade game for character depth?

Graphics: C-

For a game released in 1999, one would expect that this game would have better graphics. Unfortunately, it was not the case. The graphics are something one would expect if the game was released at least five years earlier. It did not seem that the developers had put forth much effort in the game’s graphics.

Game Play: B+

The game play was all right. Overall, everything about the game play is very simplistic. All you need to do is attack your enemies and jump onto higher platforms. That makes it an idea action-based arcade game. The controls were tight and fluidic. I liked the response time of the game. So far, that is perhaps the one and only plus of Ganryu. If you pick Musashi, you can use your strength. If you play as Suzume, you can use speed and accelerated jumping ability.

Overall: C

The game is pretty repetitive. So far, this was not ported to a game console. There is barely any replay value present. If you like arcade games, it is something worth checking out. You can download a copy of the game ROM if you have an arcade emulator.