Video Game Reviews Global Wars Online

Global Wars is a browser military strategy game. You don’t need to download any software to play this game all you need is a web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Game Play

Global Wars puts you in command of a city where you need to build up the infrastructure with mines, oil platforms and other buildings in preparation for war. There are many buildings that need to be constructed both civilian and military so your city can thrive and expand across the game map and conquer.

This game features a large technology tree that the player can use to help with their expansion goals. You gave civilian technologies such as geology, education, architecture, and mass production. On the military side you have ballistics, steel, aviation, and espionage technologies. As you advance through the game new and more powerful technologies will become available for you to use.

There are many different types of units you can construct and then form into fighting divisions. You start with basic troops, tanks, trucks, and propeller aircraft before advancing into other military units. At the advanced levels you will have jet aircraft, stealth planes, advanced tanks, missiles and eventually nuclear capabilities. You will need to develop up your technology to high levels and use huge numbers of resources to get this far into the game.

You will use steel, oil and eventually electronics for building your units and constructing buildings. Technology will take labor hours before it is complete. You can speed up both by putting more workers into factories and universities so you complete units and technology faster. You need to spread out your workers so everything is being built that you need. You can also use the marketplace and trade for resources or units that you need. Putting more workers into economics will help to generate more income for your city.

In the game you can form alliances and play with other people and attack other teams. You should consider joining a team as soon as you can since a single player won’t last long against a coordinated attack. You can also develop new cities and transport your units and material to those cities or between your clan members.


Global Wars is a fun military strategy game but it is not for everyone. Game play can be sow due to the huge number of technologies that must be researched so your city can advance. You need to start slow and progresses methodically in the game. New players can try the tutorial to get used to the various parts of the game. Use the game forums and talk to other players if you need assistance.