Video Game Reviews Happy Farm Online

Happy Farm is a Facebook farming game based on the popular Chinese online game of the same name. Happy Farm can best be described as a Farmville clone with a cutesy theme.

In Happy Farm, you are the owner of a new farm upon which you plant and harvest crops. Happy Farm revolves around a simplistic cycle of leveling: buy seed / plant seed / water / wait / harvest crop / sell crop. This cycle is the focal point of Happy Farm and the primary means of gaining experience and money.

Increased experience allows you unlock different crops for purchase. The main value of different crops is that they possess varied planting times. Since time passes regardless if you are logged into the game, the frequency and amount of your playing style will dictate which crop you want to plant. Higher level crops add different choices regarding planting time and thus increase the likelihood you will be logged in to harvest your crops at the appropriate time.

The strength of Happy Farm lies in its visual theme. Players used to role-playing games from Asian-developers will quickly recognize the cute art used throughout Happy Farm. Player movement and farm decorations are all presented in this same theme. The consistency of the graphics makes the game more fun for fans of cute farmers.

Happy Farm includes the standard farming game elements such as trees, animals and buildings. There are minor unique elements in these ancillary items that add to gameplay. While these elements are interesting at first, they quickly become a boring variation on the common farming cycle of leveling.

Happy Farm also has standard social interaction features. You can visit your neighbors’ farms and they can visit your farm. In addition to viewing the changes in your friends’ farms, visiting also allows players to assist with minor farm tasks. Your Facebook friends need to play Happy Farm for you to have a sufficient in-game network to take advantage of these social features.

With the crowded landscape of farming games on Facebook, it is difficult for a game to stand out. Happy Farm’s comparative advantageous lie in the cutesy theme and the popularity of the parent game in China and Taiwan.  These are not sufficient to justify playing Happy Farm, particularly when Farmville offers every gameplay function that Happy Farm possesses and includes many additional features. Happy Farm is not worth your time. Plant your farm elsewhere.