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Video Game Reviews Kingdom Hearts 3582 Days Nintendo Ds

“Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days” is the fifth installment of the “Kingdom Hearts” series which is a collaboration between Disney and Square-Enix.  For those that do not know about the series, Kingdom Hearts is a role-playing game series that originated back in 2003.  It is an original role-playing game series that features characters from the popular “Final Fantasy” series and characters from the many different works of Disney.  If you enjoy Disney and Final Fantasy, you may enjoy Kingdom Hearts let alone Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.  But, it is advisable to play “Kingdom Hearts II” in order to understand Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.  The two titles are intertwined together.  

One can call Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days the in-between title that ties the events of the two main Kingdom Hearts titles.  

In respects to the storyline of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, you take control of Roxas.  In Kingdom Hearts II, it is revealed that he is the “Nobody” of Sora, the main protagonist of the series.  358/2 Days mainly focuses on Roxas’ time in Organization XIII which is the main villain group in Kingdom Hearts II.  

As the game starts, it is revealed that Roxas is the thirteenth member of Organization XIII.  Unlike the other members, Roxas is the only one who can capture hearts.  As the days pass, Roxas is sent to do one mission after another.  When Roxas starts out as a member, he learns under the other members of Organization XIII.  Eventually, he is under the charge and tutelage of Axel.  Axel happens to play a very important role in Kingdom Hearts II.  To fully understand Axel’s role in Kingdom Hearts II, one must play Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Also, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has tie-ins to “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.”  For a tie-in title, it seems that the creators did a good job of creating a very developed story.  

For the important aspect, which is the game play, it plays like the other Kingdom Hearts game.  This is extremely good for those that have played the other Kingdom Hearts games.  At the same time, the controls are very simplistic.  Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, like the other titles, is an action role-playing game title.  It has all the concepts of a typical role-playing game.  At the same time, it has the qualities of an action game.

Due to the simplicity of the controls, a beginner should be able to get the hang out of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.  

However, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is similar to “Final Fantasy X-2” in which the adventures are mission based.  You have a set of objectives for each mission.  There is a meter that increases whenever you get close to completing the mission.  But, you do not have to fill the meter up completely.  Even so, filling up the meter gives you added benefits such as experience points, items, and so forth.  

Unlike the other games, you are introduced with a panel system.  The panel system plays a very important role.  But, it should be easy to get the handle of the panel system.  Overall, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a solid role-playing game.  If you enjoy these types of games and you have a Nintendo DS, this game is worth a try.  

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