Video Game Reviews Knuckle Heads Arcade

Around 1993, Namco released a 2D fighting game called “Knuckle Heads.” However, not many people know about this game. The game was by no means popular. Perhaps this is Namco’s answer to Capcom’s “Street Fighter II.” Ever since Street Fighter II had rose in popularity, it would seem that other companies tried to jump on the bandwagon and try to sap popularity. Unfortunately, Knuckle Heads was pretty unsuccessful for a game. It was one of the worst fighting games that I had ever come across. So far, this game was only ported to arcades. However, this game is available for download at the Nintendo Wii Store for only 900 points.

Storyline: F

It would seem that Knuckle Heads lacks a storyline. In short, the characters seem to have been brought over for some tournament that has no significance. Then again, not many people play a fighting game for the sake of a storyline. Looking at the game does make me think that Namco was trying to get a bit of Street Fighter II’s popularity in this one. Unfortunately, it failed miserably. The game lacked a lot of originality in regards to a convincing storyline.

Characters: D-

The characters did not seem to be convincing for the most part. It really does seem that Namco jumped on the bandwagon ever since Capcom’s Street Fighter II had risen in popularity. While Street Fighter II has eight selectable characters, Knuckle Heads only has six. The game does not have that many characters. So far, the characters seem to look unconvincingly enough. It seems that this was a poor attempt to clone Street Fighter II.

Graphics: D-

The graphics were terrible. Despite video game technology being primitive in the 1990s, Street Fighter II had pretty decent graphics. However, Knuckle Heads ended up having very terrible graphics. So far, I have seen SNK spin out many different fighting games that had better graphics than Knuckle Heads. It did not seem that Namco put much effort into creating Knuckle Heads. Overall, the graphics of the game downright sucks.

Game Play: D-

The game play was not that great. The movement was not that great from what I have seen. It really tried to rip off from Street Fighter II. Overall, Knuckle Heads had some very poor game play. It was very unappealing for the most part.

Overall: F

The game was pretty much terrible. It is something that is quite terrible. Just by looking at the game, it looks like Namco tried to cut in on Capcom’s popularity. So far, the game was terrible. There is perhaps a small cult following. You can download a copy of the game ROM. But, it is not really worth downloading off the Wii Store.