Video Game Reviews Medievalen Online

Medievalen is a medieval style browser game that allows you to build a thriving town and conquer your enemies. The game doesn’t require anything to be installed on your computer and it will run entirely in your open web browser.


This medieval game is fun to play and easy to learn. There are many different types of buildings you can construct from civilian structures to military ones. You have different technologies that can be researched so you can unlock new units and buildings for your empire.

Civilian buildings include such things as mines, hospitals, farms, universities, markets and your town center. Each one of these buildings can be upgraded to make them more efficient and help your twon grow and thrive.

Military buildings include such things as barracks, walls, towers, castle and a house of weapons. Without these buildings upgraded you won’t be able to train the many different troop types in Medievalen.

There are various technologies you can research including economic upgrades and military strategies. These upgraded technologies will help you expand and grow and should be a focus of your empire building strategies.

In this game you can assign your population to work on your economy and put them in mines, mills, quarries and farms. Your extra population can be trained as soldiers in your armies. Yu have many different soldier types including swordsmen, archers, pikes, spears and different cavalry types. There are eighteen different units you can hire into your army. Soldiers take food, gold and iron to be trained and you must have free population to hire them. You can adjust the amount of workers in your economy to free up population for your army.

The map is easy to use and you can scroll to the different castles and players on the map or just enter in their coordinates in the boxes provided for you. The map could use some more detail but it is good for a browser game. I wish the game would keep the advertisements on the main game page because they are annoying when you are trying to play the game but I know they are necessary to help pay for the game and servers. New players are encouraged to join an alliance or clan so they are protected from frequent attacks by those who are more aggressive.


Medievalen is a fun game to play and easy to learn. The interface is a bit cluttered with some ads but overall it is a nice game. You will find a good variety of buildings and units to train and his game will keep strategy gamers entertained for many hours.