Video Game Reviews Musashi Samurai Legend Playstation 2

In 2005, Square Enix developed and published a game called “Musashi: Samurai Legend.” It was ported to the Playstation 2. It is the sequel to the game called “Brave Fencer Musashi” which was released around 1998 for the Playstation One. So far, the game is quite interesting for the most part. The feel does seem to be similar to Square Enix’s role-playing game series known as “Kingdom Hearts.” Like Kingdom Hearts, Musashi: Samurai Legend is an action role-playing game. So far, this game looks visually and aesthetically appealing for the most part. However, it does not seem that is game is for everybody because of the mixed reviews from critics.

Storyline: B+

It seems to have an interesting fantasy setting where you are in a city called Antheum. The interesting part is that it is on a large flying whale called an Anthedon. Musashi is summoned to the city by Princess Mycella to save the world from the threat by a company called Gandrake Enterprises. Unfortunately, Mycella gets kidnapped and Musashi has to rescue her. So far, it is an interesting story. But, the story does lack a bit of originality because such stories are quite common for the most part.

Characters: A+

It would seem that Musashi: Samurai Legend has an interesting cast of characters. The main character is Musashi. In this respect, Musashi is the main star. So far, he is given a completely different look for the game.

Princess Mycella is the damsel in distress that summons Musashi to her world. Musashi is aided and assisted by Master Mew, a cat-like martial arts master, and five maidens that bestow elemental powers to him.

Instead of some evil kingdom, you have an evil corporation and an administrated staff. Overall, it makes for an interesting opposition team. The villains do have some very interesting names. The names are inspired by different types of wines.

Graphics: A+

Musashi: Samurai Legend has some very nice graphics. Instead of using 3D polygons, the developers decided to use 3D cel-shading. So far, cel-shading has become very popular. The backgrounds, the hit sparks, and the character sprites were nicely designed from what I have seen.

Game Play: A

Game play of Musashi: Samurai Legend is really action packed. If you have played something like Kingdom Hearts, you should be able to play Musashi: Samurai Legend. You pretty much go around hacking and slashing your enemies. However, certain enemies require certain strategies. Plus, there are numerous role-play elements such as leveling up to get stronger. You get new and stronger weapons as the game progresses. Overall, it is quite fun.

Overall: A

This is an interesting game with the feel of Kingdom Hearts. But, this has the inspirations of legendary and historical swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. It is a lot of fun to play. If you do not feel like having to take turns and having to take all this time to level up, you can always play a game like Musashi: Samurai Legend.