Video Game Reviews Ninja Combat Arcade

“Ninja Combat” is indeed an arcade game that brings up memories. Before downloading a copy of the game ROM for my arcade emulator, I was familiarized with this game at the mini-arcade at the nearby movie theater. Yes, the mini-arcade is a good place to kill some time before the movie starts. This is perhaps one of the classic 2D side-scrolling beat ’em games I had come across.

In a sense, it feels like the “Sengoku” series. However, Ninja Combat is a Neo-Geo game just like the Sengoku series. And Neo-Geo does come from SNK. Ninja Combat is one of the examples on why SNK remained as one of the dominant forces in beat ’em up games during the 1990s in which arcades were at a climax in popularity. This is also proof of the rivalry SNK had with Capcom in that regard as well.

Technically, Ninja Combat shares many similarities with Sengoku in regards to elements. In regards to Sengoku, it focused upon modern day ninjas or samurai. This is relatively the same with Ninja Combat. But the game play style remains somewhat different.

Plotline: N/A

It does not seem that Ninja Combat has much of a plotline. Then again, most people do not play beat ’em up games for the sake of the plotline. If you enjoy beat ’em up games, you probably would not care about the sake of a plotline or the development of a story.

Characters: B-

I do have mixed thoughts about the characters. There are five playable characters total. The game starts with two playable characters. The other three have to be unlocked during the game.

The two initial characters are: Joe and Hayabusa. Looking at their appearances, it is like they are twin brothers. Joe wears a red ninja outfit while the other wears a blue ninja outfit.

Throughout the game, the other characters can be unlocked: Musashi, Kagerow, and Gembu. The three of them have their different appearances. However, I could care less for Gembu. Gembu is that bad.

Graphics: B-

The graphics are very much outdated for the most part when one looks at the game today. However, I do like the graphics. It is a reminiscence of the past. In this case, Ninja Combat is like a blast from the past in regards to game graphics.

Game Play: B-

The movements in the game look very blocky and unnatural. Using Joe and Hayabusa does tend to be mediocre. However, it gets more interesting with Musashi and Kagerow. Kagerow happens to be my favorite character because of her interesting techniques. I have to admit that I hated playing as Gembu. Gembu’s game play was slow and incredibly sloppy.

Playing as Gembu was the biggest regret I ever had.

Overall, the game play of Ninja Combat is quite fun. You get to beat down on all sorts of random enemies. You can pick up weapons such as nunchukus, axes, and so forth. Factor all of that together Ninja Combat can be quite a fun game.

Overall: B

While the game is outdated in graphics, Ninja Combat is quite the enjoyable beat ’em up game. The game play is very simplistic, which is a plus for any beat ’em up title. You can play this for a good half-hour to an hour to kill some time. Do not bother playing as Gembu. The game is relatively hard to find nowadays. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download the ROM file.