Video Game Reviews Ninja Masters Arcade

Throughout the 1990s, the game company called SNK was extremely busy in regards to 2D fighting games. It would crank out one fighting game after another in order to compete with the rival Capcom. Capcom is known for notable fighting game titles such as “Street Fighter” and “Darkstalkers.” However, Capcom consistently focused on the quality rather than the quantity of its fighting game titles. SNK seemed to do the complete opposite. As a result, Capcom seemed to always have the upper hand over SNK in most respects.

In 1995, ADK developed this game for SNK’s Neo-Geo arcade machine. In turn, SNK would publish the game. This game was called “Ninja Masters.” The game was somewhat all right. However, this game was no different from “King of Fighters” and “Samurai Shodown.” The only difference was that Ninja Masters gave the feel of the Sengoku Era which is known as the “Age of Warring States.” It is one of the earlier games before Capcom’s “Onimusha” series to use Sengoku as the theme.

Storyline: B+

For a fighting game, Ninja Masters does a good job of following close to the events of Sengoku. Not many fighting games in the past bothered to focus on a deep storyline. But, not many do play a fighting game for the sake of a storyline. Most play for the sake of beating down computer or human-controlled opponents. That is pretty much the point of fighting games.

Characters: A

The characters seemed to fit the mood. So far, the characters are based off of historical figures in the Sengoku Era. The main character is Sasuke who is modeled off the actual Sasuke Sarutobi. The main boss character is Nobunaga Oda, one of the prime historical figures of the Sengoku Era. Because of Nobunaga’s ambitions, he is commonly used as a major villain in fictitious works that revolve around Sengoku.

Graphics: C+

The graphics were pretty decent. However, there was nothing special about Ninja Master’s graphics in the first place. The year that Ninja Masters had come out, Capcom had already released the first installment of its “Street Fighter Alpha” series. Street Fighter Alpha has better graphics than Ninja Masters.

Game Play: B-

The game play is nothing special. If you know how to play Street Fighter, King of Fighters, or Samurai Shodown, you should be able to play Ninja Masters. Think of Ninja Masters as Samurai Shodown during the Sengoku Era. The game play is rather simplistic. You simply play this like any other 2D fighting game. However, there is the feature present where you can choose in-game between fighting with or without weapons.

Overall: B-

Ninja Masters is a decent fighting game. However, it got eclipsed by the arrival and success of Street Fighter Alpha. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to find an arcade machine with Ninja Masters due to the decline of arcades within the last several years. But, you can always download a copy of the game ROM if you have an arcade emulator.