Video Game Reviews Power Instinct Matrimelee Arcade

“Power Instinct: Matrimelee” is proof that SNK-Playmore is still in the fighting game let alone 2D fighting game business. This is also proof enough that SNK-Playmore still has what it takes to compete with Capcom’s fighting game franchises. On top of that, this is proof that SNK-Playmore can hold its own against new emerging companies creating their own fighting games which have increased in popularity. Plus, this is proof that SNK-Playmore can hold its own against the doujin scene in which these doujin groups are coming up with their own popular 2D fighting games.

The game was developed by Noise Factory, one of the companies of SNK-Playmore. It was then published by SNK-Playmore around 2004. This game is the fifth installment of the “Power Instinct” series. The first game was simply called “Power Instinct.” After that, there came “Power Instinct 2” and “Power Instinct Legends.” Then, “Groove On Fight” would be released in which the game takes place some time in the future. In a sense, Power Instinct: Matrimelee is a revival of the Power Instinct franchise.

Storyline: B

So far, it seems that Power Instinct: Matrimelee has quite the interesting storyline as it revolves around some fictitious country which is ruled by a monarchy. A tournament is thrown in which the fighters compete for the right to marry Princess Sissy. Unlike the other Power Instinct games, this one has a more humorous and lighthearted story. This is quite interesting for a 2D fighting game.

Characters: A

Most of the cast of the original Power Instinct games return. Angela Belti from the first Power Instinct game is not available. However, there are four completely new characters. Princess Sissy is the final boss of the game.

Four guest characters from Evoga’s “Rage of the Dragons” guest star as playable characters. On a side note, Evoga is the Mexican branch of SNK-Playmore. Guest characters are: Jimmy Williams, Elias Patrick, Lynn Baker, and Mr. Jones. For the PlayStation 2 version, professional fighter Bobby Ologun is a playable character under the pseudonym of “Bobby Strong” because of licensing issues.

Graphics: A

I have to say that the graphics were quite decent. I liked the way the background stages were done. However, my one complaint is that they got somewhat repetitive with the stages as they made different versions simply for the characters.

But, I do like the way the character sprites were done. It seems to be an improvement from the “King of Fighters” series.

Game Play: A

This is the most important aspect of the game. If you know how to play fighting games, you should be able to play Power Instinct: Matrimelee. The game mechanics of this game are similar to “Street Fighter,” “King of Fighters,” “Guilty Gear,” and so forth. You have a super meter called a “Stress Meter” that can be filled up for three levels. Once the meter fills up, you can execute a super move.

Overall: A

Power Instinct: Matrimelee is one of the interesting fighting games I have come across. The game play is solid and has an interesting storyline to boot. However, it is a bit difficult to find a copy. In this country, video arcades are near obsolete. If you have an emulator, you can always download the game ROM.