Video Game Reviews Rage of the Dragons Arcade

“Rage of the Dragons” is a 2D fighting game that was released to arcades back around 2002. However, not many people may have heard of this game before. But, this game is proof that SNK-Playmore still remains a formidable force when it comes to fighting games. The game was developed by Noise Factory, one of the developer companies for SNK-Playmore. It was published by SNK-Playmore. However, the game was designed by the Mexican video game company called Evoga. Unfortunately, Evoga is now defunct.

The game is a pseudo-sequel to the “Double Dragon” fighting game that was released in 1995 for the Neo-Geo arcade machine. However, Evoga had to turn Rage of the Dragons into a homage to Double Dragon. This is because a company called Millions had purchased the intellectual rights for the Double Dragon franchise. Because of this, Rage of the Dragons could be considered an alternate universe version of the Double Dragon franchise.

Storyline: B

For a fighting game, Rage of the Dragons has quite the interesting one. It would seem that various fighters from across the world are brought together to fight the threat of this entity of the Black Dragon. Some of the fighters are actually vessels for certain colored dragons. In short, the fighters are trying to save the world from getting destroyed by the Black Dragon.

Characters: A

Rage of the Dragons has quite the diverse cast of characters. Since Evoga did not have the rights to Double Dragon, it could not use Billy and Jimmy Lee. They are the famous Lee brothers in Double Dragon. Instead, they were named as James and William Lewis.

Other characters include: Lynn Baker, Sonia Romanenko, Annie Murakami, Radel, Jose Rodriguez, Pupa Salgueiro, Jae-mo Kang, Mr. Jones, Oni Inomura, Cassandra Murata, Elias Patrick, Alice Carroll, Abubo Rao, and Johann.

Graphics: A

Playing the game, I had to say that the designs were great. The background stages were well done. The sprites and animations in the background really breathed life to the stages and so forth. Also, I enjoyed looking at the character sprites. I liked the way the characters were designed. It made me wish that Rage of the Dragons was an actual sequel to Double Dragon.

Game Play: B

The game play of Rage of the Dragons is nothing special to be honest. It takes a note from several crossover games. This game uses a tag-team system in which the player controls two characters and can change between them at any given time. The character not being controlled will slowly recover health.

If you have played a game like “Street Fighter” or “King of Fighters,” you should be able to play Rage of the Dragons. If you have played a game like “X-Men vs. Street Fighter,” you should be able to understand the tag-team mechanics of Rage of the Dragons. If you know how to play these games, you should have no problem playing Rage of the Dragons. As a super meter, you have the auxiliary meter that fills up when attacks connect with an opponent. When it is filled, you can use certain types of moves.

You can select from one of seven default pairings or make your own pairing.

Overall: B

Rage of the Dragons is a decent 2D fighting game. Unfortunately, there probably will not be a sequel to the game. Also, this game was never ported to the game consoles. With arcades being near obsolete in the United States, it is hard to find an arcade machine. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download the game ROM.