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Video Game Reviews Samurai Shodown Iii Ps

“Samurai Shodown III,” the third installment to SNK’s popular “Samurai Shodown” series was released in 1995 for the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn. One should know that asides from Capcom, SNK is famous for its fighting games. As a result, it had made Capcom and SNK into major rivals. In the previous years, Capcom and SNK collaborated together to make some interesting crossover games. So far, Samurai Shodown is one of SNK’s most popular fighting game series for good reason.

As a fan of fighting games let alone 2D fighting games, I came to appreciate the work forward for the Samurai Shodown series. SNK has made a more than decent 2D fighting game that featured mostly samurai.

However, it does add foreign characters as well. Technically, SNK’s “Last Blade” series is more of a traditional samurai fighting game because of the historical accuracy. Nevertheless, Samurai Shodown happened to be one of my favorite fighting game series.

It was inevitable that I would end up getting Samurai Shodown III. I would have to say that the game sprites have been redone. They look cleaner and far more professional than the last two games. The sprites were completely redrawn. Their animations have come out smoother than they originally were. Overall, I was satisfied with the flow of the character sprite animations in Samurai Shodown III. To me, it was a major improvement.

So far, the characters of Earthquake, Cham Cham, and Gen-An were removed from the game. However, new characters have taken their place. The rest of the characters from both Samurai Shodown and Samurai Shodown II have returned.

They are joined by: Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, Shizumazu Hisame, Rimururu, Gaira Caffeine, Basara Kubikiri, and Zankuro Minazuki.

New changes were implemented to make the game play more diverse. You can select one of two versions for your character known as “Slash” and “Bust.” It can be translated into “Chivalry” and “Treachery.” Either mode can and will affect how you are able to play your selected character.

The four-button system was changed. Now it has been made that the first three buttons are made into your weak, medium, and strong slashing attacks. The fourth button would be used for kicking. I learned that one should not underestimate the power of the kicking button.

Samurai Shodown III added more new things. One would be “cancelling.” That allows you to cancel basic moves into special moves. It would be one of the new things that this installment would focus on. You can also dodge by pressing the A and B buttons at the same time.

Unfortunately, Samurai Shodown III is “broken.” It is a very unbalanced game in which most of the characters are way overpowered. Ironically, I found that repeatedly use of the kick button allowed me to defeat the final boss. Still, I found Samurai Shodown III to be quite the interesting game. When I look at it, I am glad to have this game in my fighting game collection. This is one game I will not give up that easily.

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