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Video Game Reviews Sengoku 2 Arcade

“Sengoku 2” is the sequel to “Sengoku,” a series of beat ’em up games from SNK. Upon its release in 1993, Sengoku 2 would be available at the arcades via the Neo-Geo game console. SNK was one of the dominant forces in regards to beat ’em up games. In a sense, there may have been a rivalry with Capcom in that respect as well. Both companies spawned one beat ’em up game after another.

However, the competition also expanded into fighting games. Capcom had “Street Fighter” while SNK had “King of Fighters.” The Sengoku series tends to be one of the beat beat ’em up series for its interesting plotline, concepts, and style of game play. Having played the first Sengoku, I had to check out Sengoku 2. I found Sengoku 2 to be even more interesting.

Sengoku 2 had its own interesting concepts. It managed to stand out on its own. This is perhaps one of the best 2D beat ’em up titles that I had ever come across. The game is also one of the reasons SNK became a strong driving force in beat ’em up titles as well.

• Plotline: C-

The plotline of Sengoku 2 is vague. However, it has nothing to do with the first Sengoku game. Again, it seems to have something to do with the Sengoku period in which ghosts of those slain have come back to wreak havoc across the world. However, it is not just across the world. They decided to wreak havoc across all time periods. I found this aspect quite interesting.

• Characters: A

Like the first game, you can either control a samurai/ninja or a Western cowboy. These two characters have no depth to them as they simply do as instructed. However, they have other unnamed characters that help out the heroes. I found the unnamed characters to be far more interesting. To be honest, it made the game play more interesting.

• Graphics: A

The graphics of Sengoku 2 are an improvement from the first game. Then again, I have to say that the graphics of the first Sengoku game were pretty great. The graphics were not as bulky as some of SNK’s other beat ’em up games. I enjoyed the way the game sprites and background stages have looked.

• Game Play: A

The game play of Sengoku 2 has improved. However, the game play is different for the most part. Many elements have been changed. In the first Sengoku game, you would go around to kill enemies and collect colored orbs. Each colored orb has a special ability of using weapons, shooting projectiles, or changing into a different from. That system is gone.

There is a new system. For each life you have, you have six hit points. Your hit points are designated with a different colored orb. Once you get to a certain orb, after taking hits, you can unleash special abilities. I happened to find that an original type of game play concept. It seemed to have spiced up and remixed Sengoku’s original game play dynamic.

You can also change into one of three other characters at any given time for a minute each. That too makes the game play interesting. To be honest, that is my favorite aspect of Sengoku 2. I can transform into a bo-wielding man with a tengu mask, a masked ninja, or an armored dog. That aspect had gotten my undivided attention.

In Sengoku 2, the different stages are time eras. You travel from one time era to another. At one point, you could find yourself in the middle of World War II.

• Overall: A

If you enjoy beat ’em up titles, you may enjoy playing Sengoku 2. Sengoku 2 is a quite the original concept for a beat ’em up title. Unfortunately, a copy of the game is hard to find. If you do have an emulator, go ahead and download the ROM file. You will not be disappointed.

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