Video Game Reviews Sengoku 3 Arcade

“Sengoku 3” or “Sengoku Legends 2001” was released around 2001. It is the third and final installment of the Sengoku series by SNK. Having enjoyed playing the first two Sengoku games, I decided to give Sengoku 3 a try. The game was completely different from the first two. So far, Sengoku 3 went through a bunch of drastic changes that moved away from the roots of the original Sengoku series.

It a sense, it seemed to be a complete revamp. Then again, this project was done by a company called Noise Factory, a subsidiary of SNK-Playmore. Noise Factory is known for other games such as “Rage of the Dragons,” “Powter Instinct: Matrimelee,” and a few of the “Metal Slug” games. I would have to say that the game play is original. However, all of the elements in the first two Sengoku games are not present in Sengoku 3. Fans of the first two games will be left disappointed.

I happened to like the game. In a sense, I would consider this as a game with nothing to do with the other games. I would consider this as a standalone game for the most part. Because of this, I was able to enjoy the game.

Plotline: C-

The plotline of Sengoku 3 is nothing special. Again, the plot elements of the first two Sengoku games are not present in Sengoku 3. Instead, the plotline focuses on a clan of ninjas that are tasked to stop Japanese demons from invading and destroying the world.

Also, there is no story development in the game. But, not many play beat ’em up titles for the sake of a good storyline. Overall, the plotline is very much mediocre for the most part. Just focus on beat up the enemies that come at you.

Characters: S

The game starts off with four playable characters and two unlocked boss characters. Each character has his/her different sets of abilities for the most part. It is through the characters in which Sengoku 3 seems to be a combination of a fighting game and a beat ’em up game.

The four playable characters are: Kongoh, Kagetsura, Falcon, and Kurenai. Kongoh is a big bald man with a giant club to swing, Kagetsura looks like Jubei from “Ninja Scroll,” Falcon is a Spanish ninja, and Kurenai is a kunoichi.

The two characters that can be unlocked are: Byakki and Okuni. Byakki and Okuni both have their own special sets of weapons and movies.

Graphics: S

Sengoku 3 has some pretty sharp graphics. Looking at Noise Factory’s other games I would say that Sengoku 3’s graphics are similar to that of Rage of the Dragons and Matrimelee. I really do like the graphics of Sengoku 3. The graphics look very sharp and clean for the most part.

Game Play: A-

If you have played the first two Sengoku games, you may be turned off from the game play of Sengoku 3 as it is completely different. None of the game play elements of the first two games are present in this game. There are no colored orgs to grab. There is no changing into different forms present.

Think of this as a beat ’em up with fighting game elements. On top of that, there are different weapons you can pick up such as bombs, plates, shuriken, and kunais. The game is relatively short. But, the stages can get difficult for the most part. There are six stages total as the first stage is ranked as “Easy” while the other five are ranked as “Hard.”

Overall: A

Sengoku 3 is different. But, I enjoyed it as a beat ’em up title. I tend to look at it differently from the other two beat ’em up games. I liked the designs and the characters so far. However, it is quite difficult to find a copy of the game. But, if you have an arcade emulator, you should download the ROM file.