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Video Game Reviews the last Blade 2

“The Last Blade 2” is definitely a hidden treasure to pick up if you meet any of the criteria: you love fighting games, you enjoy SNK’s fighting game franchises, you own a Sega Dreamcast, and/or you are a fan of the “Samurai Shodown” series. This is by far one of the best fighting games that I had ever come across.

This is the last game from SNK before it would become “SNK-Playmore.” So far, I had found it to be similar to the Samurai Shodown series. However, the Last Blade series tends to be very fresh and original for the most part. While the first game was good, the second game was even better. Daisuke Iwashitari of “Guilty Gear” helped with the creation of the game.

• Storyline: S+

So far, Samurai Shodown has been widely known for its long list of historical anachronisms. Perhaps SNK learned from its mistake in creating the Last Blade series. The story behind Last Blade may have taken place during the Meiji Restoration. It would seem that the whole feel of the storyline takes place during Japan’s Westernization.

The story revolves around the characters trying to keep Hell’s Gate from being opened. In a sense, it shares somewhat of the same element as the Samurai Shodown series in regards to Hell and the underworld. Overall, I had thought the story behind Last Blade 2 was great.

• Characters: S+

Last Blade 2 has an interesting cast of characters. Kaede, the main character, has somewhat of a new look for the game. So far, it is revealed that Kaede is the vessel for the dragon Shiryu. As a result, Kaede’s hair had turned blonde whenever he activates this special mode.

The characters of Last Blade two return with the additions of new characters. However Musashi Akatsuki is only available in two player modes. So far, it was a disappointment. It is because that Musashi is considered to be one of the best and baddest characters of the series. He is a juggernaut that wields two katanas.

All of the characters are of Japanese origin with the exception of Lee Rekka and Yuki. New characters are: Hibiki Takane, Kojiroh Sanada, Kouryu, and Setsuna. Shikyo returns from the dead as Mukuro.

• Graphics: S+

The graphics of The Last Blade 2 is the same as the “King of Fighters” series. However, there is nothing wrong with that. Over the years, KOF has improved in its graphics and game play.

• Game Play: S+

Game play is similar to the Samurai Shodown series. It is 2D and weapons-based. There are several types of game play modes. In a sense, this game plays like Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters.

• Overall: S+

So far, everything about Last Blade II was really wonderful. It is a true spiritual successor to the popular Samurai Shodown series. Overall, this game is definitely a hidden gem. If you like fighting games and you have a Dreamcast, this is definitely one game you have to pick up.

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