Video Game Reviews the Rumble Fish 2 Arcade

In 2005, Dimps would develop and Sammy would publish this game called “The Rumble Fish 2.” It is the sequel to its predecessor “The Rumble Fish” which was released back in 2004. So far, this is one of the best fighting game series that I had come across as it used a bunch of different and original concepts. It made Sammy a formidable party in the world of 2D fighting games. For those that like fighting games let alone 2D fighting games, this is definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately, this game seems to only be available in arcades. Sadly, arcades in North America continue to be in the decline.

Storyline: A-

 The storyline of Rumble Fish 2 follows after the storyline of the first game. Some event happens in which a crater is left. The PROBE-NEXUS Corporation developed the city called Zone Prime. Zone Prime ends up becoming extremely prosperous. And then a tournament gets announced. In the case of this game, the company’s founder is retiring and a new Fight for Survival Tournament is about to start. So far, the story is to figure out who is sponsoring this tournament.

Characters: S+

The first Rumble Fish game had a diverse cast of original characters that took my breath away. None of the characters were ripped off from “Street Fighter,” “Fatal Fury,” or “King of Fighters.” They were all pretty original in their own right. This is something that really impressed me. Dimps really did use a lot of original concepts in creating the characters for the game.

Returning characters are: Zen, Hikari, Typhon, Garnet, Orville, Boyd, Viren, Kaya, Aran, and Greed.

New characters are: Sheryl, Mito, Bazoo, Lud, Hazama, and Beatrice. Beatrice is the new chairman of PROBE-NEXUS. These new characters made very nice additions to the game’s cast.

Graphics: S+

The Rumble Fish 2 has very sweet graphics. The background stages were done in a mix of 2D and 3D. These stages had very much impressed me for the most part. It makes me wish that other 2D fighting game companies would take a look at the efforts by the people that created this game.

For the character sprites, it retains the same formula. Each limb is designed individually to make characters flow and move naturally. I just love the way the character sprites were designed and so forth.

Game Play: S+

The game play was very fluid for the most part. Everything was fluid, fast, tight, and responsible. These are extremely important factors for a good fighting game. The creators did not slack off at all. The returning characters have new moves in their arsenal of attacks. Many of the elements in the first game such as the “Defensive” and “Offensive” gauges have been retained which is a major plus. Overall, the game play was great.

Overall: S

So far, Rumble Fish 2 does not fail to deliver. It does not disappoint at all. If you like fighting games, this is one to check out.