Video Game Reviews the Rumble Fish Arcade

In the early 1990s, Capcom and SNK were strong rivals against each other in the world of 2D fighting games. In late 1999, Arc System Works jumped into the fray with the help of Atlus to come up with the game called “Guilty Gear.” As a result, Guilty Gear became a very successful series. Arc System Works would then work with Sammy Studios to release new installments of Guilty Gear. These new installments were highly successful.

Sammy would remain in the fighting game business. Dimps would develop and Sammy would publish this interesting 2D fighting game called “The Rumble Fish.” So far, I have seen this game to be something quite new and original. There are a lot of things with The Rumble Fish that I could call highly appealing for the most part. In a sense, this is something that could stand toe-to-toe with “Street Fighter” and “King of Fighters.”

Storyline: A-

While Rumble Fish has an interesting storyline, there is nothing really special about it. In this storyline, a certain country suffers a large-scale natural disaster at the start of the twenty-first century. The political and economic situation has turned for the worst. Reconstruction efforts are spearheaded by PROBE-NEXUS and the place gets rebuilt into Zone Prime. Things are prosperous again. However, there are mysterious events going on in the slums. Fighters are brought forth to participate in a tournament.

In this respect, the storyline is interesting. This does mirror that of the Guilty Gear series. However, “King of Fighters 2000” has already tried it with the Zero Cannon decimating Southtown. “Street Fighter Alpha 3” had something similar with M. Bison and his psycho drive. However, the storyline is interesting enough.

Characters: A+

So far, I am impressed with the current cast of characters. From what I have seen, none of them seem to be shotoclones or Kyo-clones. Neither of them seemed to be rip-offs of Ryu from Street Fighter or Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters.

The characters are: Zen, Hikari, Typhon, Garnet, Orville, Boyd, Viren, Kaya, Aran, and Greed. The Playstation 2 version has Sheryl and Hazama. The characters are quite original. It shows that Sammy and Dimps did not rip off from Street Fighter II.

Graphics: A+

I was quite impressed with the graphics of the game. Everything about the graphics seemed to be well designed. This game perhaps has some of the best 2D character sprites in a fighting game. They were better than most of SNK’s character sprites. Also, I noticed that the backgrounds were all rendered in 3D. Overall, I liked the graphics a whole lot. Also, a new graphics engine was used at the time to animate the different limbs separately for more fluid animation.

Game Play: A

The game play is very interesting in which you can easily perform combos on your opponent. In a sense, this does feel like you are playing Guilty Gear. If you know how to play fighting games, you should be able to play Rumble Fish. On an interesting note, you have two power gauges split into “Offense” and “Defense.” They are both used for power moves.

If you attack, the Offense gauge builds up. If you defend, the Defense gauge builds up. Respectively, you can do an offensive super art and a defensive super art respectively when the gauges are filled up. However, you can wait for both gauges to fill up to create the “Critical” gauge.

Overall: A

Rumble Fish is perhaps one of the best games that I had ever come across. There are a lot of original game play concepts and ideas put into Rumble Fish. If you like fighting games, this is something you may want to check out.