Video Game Reviews Utopia Kingdoms Online

Utopia Kingdoms is a strategy game that plays entirely within your web browser there are not special software downloads or programs to install on your computer for the game to play.


The game is fantasy based with nine different factions you can play including humans, orcs, elves and other creatures. You start out with a empty town and need to build it up with buildings and resources to build up your powerful armies and do battle with your enemies. It is easy to build structures in your town and you can learn more about the game by following the tutorial that is provided.

You have a hero unit that you can use to help lead your armies and your hero can be trained with skill points to become a better warrior. Players should join a clan or alliance as soon as possible so they are protected from more aggressive teams.

You have numerous military units you can build and each faction has one unique unit to use. You have swordsmen, pikemen, archers, cavalry, priests and other units at your disposal to use in battles. You can form your units into different formations and use the battle simulator to see how they would stack up against the other factions.

The interface of this game is very nice to use and the menus are laid out in logical manner. The main buttons are at the top of the game and include links to the map, barracks and your castle. Underneath these links you will find your resources and it clearly shows how much you have of each one. It is easy to navigate around using these buttons and the tutorial provided shows you exactly where to go and what to do to complete the quest given to you.


This game is very similar to Kahn Wars except with different units but still it is a very good game and one that would keep a strategy gamer entertained for hours. There is also a nice manual that describes the different parts of the game in detail which would be beneficial to new players.

The graphics for this game are nice for a browser game but like most browser games there is no sound options. I do wish the castle area had a bit more room to place buildings because you need to mouse over the area to find out what building can be placed there and it is a bit confusing at first. I wish more browser games had the interface that this one has because it is very easy to use and laid out in a logical way. The developers of Utopia Kingdoms did a good job with this game.