Video Game Tips Choosing a Warcraft Iii the Frozen Throne Night Elf Hero

The Night Elf Sentinels are well known for their long ranged attacks and hit and run strategies. Their heroes are extremely useful for assisting such fighting tactics. From the Demon Hunter to the Warden, to the Priestess of the Moon to the Keeper of the Grove, the Night Elf heroes are great for helping out in the guerrilla warfare.

“Demon Hunter”

The Demon Hunter is an agility-based melee hero. He is one of the most powerful heroes in the game and is great for helping allies kill enemy heroes quickly.

Mana Burn burns the mana of an enemy target and deals damage equal to the mana burned.

Immolation engulfs the Demon Hunter in flames and continuously deals damage to nearby enemy units without harming the Demon Hunter.

Evasion is the Demon Hunter’s passive that allows him to dodge a small percentage of attacks that come at him.

Metamorphosis, the Demon Hunter’s ultimate, turns him into a powerful ranged demon with additional hitpoints.

“Keeper of the Grove”

The Keeper is an intelligence-based ranged hero. He is perfect for any type of battle let them be small or large.

Entangle immobilizes a single unit for an extremely long time while constantly dealing damage to it.

Force of Nature summons several treants to do battle for the Keeper.

Thorns Aura is the Keeper’s passive that gives all nearby allies a strange armor that reflects off a small percentage of any melee damage dealt to them.

The Keeper’s ultimate, Tranquility, is perfect for large battles as it heals all nearby allies for 20HP/sec while lasting 30 seconds.

“Priestess of the Moon”

The Priestess of the Moon is an agility-based ranged hero who is a perfect match for ranged units.

Scout summons an invincible scout owl that cannot attack, but can scout out enemy bases. It is also useful for detecting invisible units.

Searing Arrows gives the Priestess’s arrows a fiery touch adding bonus damage to each shot, but also draining mana for every shot.

Trueshot Aura is a must for all Priestesses. It is a passive that improves the ranged damage of all nearby allies by a considerable percentage.

The Priestess’s ultimate is Starfall which damages all enemy units by continuously having stars fall from the sky. This spell lasts for 45 seconds and each wave of stars deal 50 damage to every unit hit by it.


The Warden is an agility-based melee hero who uses assassin-like techniques to defeat enemies.

Fan of Knives flings multiple knives all around the Warden damaging any nearby enemies.

Blink teleports the Warden to any nearby location.

Shadow Strike deals damage to a single unit while slowing it down and poisoning it at the same time.

The Warden’s ultimate is Vengeance which summons an Avatar of Vengeance. This Avatar then creates Spirits of Vengeance from nearby corpses that are able to fight for the Warden.

All in all the Night Elf heroes are a powerful group and when used properly can be become extremely deadly against both single heroes and massive armies.