Video Game Tips Choosing a Warcraft Iii the Frozen Throne Orc Hero

The Orcish Horde is known for the brute strength found within each of its Orcs, Taurens, and Trolls. The heroes found in the Orc’s Altar of Storms are no less brutal than the units of the tribes. With two intelligence-based heroes, a strength-based hero, and an agility-based hero, any hero proves a powerful ally and a dangerous foe.


The Blademaster is an Orcish agility-based melee hero. With his spells he is perfect for sneaking behind enemy lines and taking down units after units.

Wind Walk turns the Blademaster invisible. This in turn gives him an additional speed boost and bonus damage if he strikes while still invisible.

Mirror Image makes copies of the Blademaster to trick enemies. These images do not deal damage and receive twice the amount of damage they should take. But still they are extremely useful for distracting enemies long enough for the real Blademaster to deal incredible amounts of damage to enemies.

Critical Strike is the Blademaster’s passive that gives him a slight chance to deal more damage than normal when using his melee attack.

And finally Blademaster’s ultimate, Bladestorm, causes the Blademaster to spin while dealing 110 damage per second against any nearby ground units.

“Far Seer”

The Far Seer is an intelligence-based ranged hero. He is extremely vulnerable to attacks but his powerful spells make up for that.

Chain Lightning deals massive damage to multiple enemies. It jumps from the base target to several others dealing slightly less damage after each jump.

Feral Spirit summons up two wolves to battle for the Far Seer. They start out as weak as a ghoul, but at level 3 they become permanently invisible with critical strike.

Far Sight simply reveals any portion of the map at the cost of Mana. It also reveals invisible units so it is great for killing off Blademasters that try to Wind Walk away or Night Elf archers that try to turn invisible.

The Far Seer’s ultimate is Earthquake. This only deals damage to buildings, but slows any units, enemy or ally, that try to walk over the area of effect.

“Tauren Chieftain”

The Tauren Chieftain is a strength-based melee hero. He is a very useful hero in large team games because of his Endurance Aura, but his other spells are also just as useful.

Shockwave deals large amounts of damage to enemy units in a line. The only problem with this is that it costs a lot of Mana which the Tauren Chieftain lacks.

War Stomp allows the Tauren Chieftain to stomp the ground and stun nearby enemy units for several seconds. This is less used for the damage which is about 1/3 of that of Shockwave rather than for the stunning capability. While enemies are stunned, allied soldiers can simply pick off defenseless enemies.

Endurance Aura is the most useful ability of the Tauren Chieftain. It is a passive that increases the attack and movement speed of all nearby allied units. It is incredible for team games where lots of units are battling together.

The Tauren Chieftain’s ultimate is Reincarnation. It simply brings the Chieftain back to life after he dies. The catch is that the cooldown is several minutes long, so the Tauren Chieftain isn’t exactly invulnerable. The best part of this ultimate is that his Endurance Aura will simply last twice as long to assist allies.

“Shadow Hunter”

The Shadow Hunter is an intelligence-based ranged hero who is best known for his healing capabilities.

Healing Wave allows the Shadow Hunter to heal multiple allies with a single cast.

Hex turns an enemy into a random animal for a certain amount of time. The enemy won’t be able to cast spells or attack.

Serpent Ward summons an immobile Ward that constantly attacks nearby enemies.

The Shadow Hunter’s ultimate is Big Bad Voodoo. This spell turns all nearby allied units invulnerable for up to 30 seconds as long as the Shadow Hunter is still alive. The only way to stop this is if Shadow Hunter is killed as he does not become invincible as well.

All in all the heroes of the Orcish Horde as incredibly powerful and resourceful. The Blademaster is great for sneaky players, the Far Seer is great for spell-casting players, the Tauren Chieftain is great for helping out teammates, and the Shadow Hunter is useful for healing allies.