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Video Games Rent or Purchase

If you are a huge fan of gaming and play games of all different genres then you may find that your wallet is often stretched or left empty because of video game purchases. So many interesting and new games come out each year, many of which employing new graphic engines or featuring the latest technology which encourages keen minded gamers to purchase a game which may not have otherwise appealed to them. With so many video games coming out on a weekly basis, how do you know which is the best option for your wallet; purchase or rent?

General rules for purchasing a game:

* Multiplayer – As a general rule I will purchase games which have an interesting multiplayer aspect to them. The reason for this is simple – replayability. Games which feature a multiplayer mode allow me to play for days, months and even years in some cases because I am a huge fan of multiplayer games as multiplayer matches are never exactly alike and feature many different game modes. Playing online also allows me to play with friends and people from all around the world, which adds great longevity to any game. Lately game publishers such as EA have decided to charge gamers who rent games to play online. The cost is around $10 but certainly puts me off renting a game as I know that I will have to pay to play it online, and I won’t even have the game for that long to make full use of the money.

* Discount – If a game is on discount at a game store near me then I am likely to be enticed in and before I know it making an unexpected purchase. A lot of the time it will be a game which I know I would like to play but didn’t feel that it was worth full retail price.

* Achievements – My main gaming console is an Xbox 360, which utilizes an achievement or gamer point system, where gamers play games and complete in game challenges to obtain points. These points are pretty useless, other than bragging rights and show up on your personal gamer card. I am a perfectionist and love to finish a game, especially one that I enjoy, so it is only natural that I enjoy working to collect all of the achievements for each game that I play. Sometimes these achievements may require a lot of time and effort to earn, meaning that if I had rented the game I may not have had time to collect each one. This would lower my game completion ratio!

* Trade in – When I have finished a game completely and have grown bored of the multiplayer aspects then I will likely trade it in for another game. More often than not I save up a bunch of games and trade them in together, allowing me to swap them for a newly released game or two older games. I repeat this process as games grow older and people stop playing them so that they are not just gathering dust in my room. In the long run this saves me quite a bit of money and I get the most out of my games.

General rules for renting a game:

* Storyline – If the game that I am interested in has a potentially interesting storyline or is a sequel to a game which I have played before but didn’t particularly love then I would rent it to avoid wasting money. As a rule I finish games quite quickly, even on the hardest difficulty, so I wouldn’t buy a game which only had Singleplayer aspects because it wouldn’t be worth $60 to me if I completed it in less than a day.

* Technology – I do like to keep up with the latest technology and would experiment with new technology which is featured in games, but I would like to test it with a rental before making a purchase. New technology can be quite expensive and sometimes it doesn’t work as well as advertised, so I like to try before I commit to a full purchase. If I try something that I like then I will be more likely to make a purchase of a game employing the same technology in the future.

* Gamer score – So I mentioned achievements earlier, but some people take collecting achievements to the next level by renting hundreds of games to complete them and earn some quick gamer score. This is a cheap and easy way to boost your gamer score and allows you to complete more games without spending excess cash.

* Publisher/Developer – If a game has been designed by a company that I have never heard of then I am more likely to rent it to see what the game is like and how it plays. Trailers and adverts are very deceptive and often edited to make the gameplay look much better than in reality, so I like to judge a game for myself without wasting my hard earned money on a poorly created game.

Overall there are advantages to both renting and purchasing video games, but it is all down to personal preference and income. I would love to purchase games as they are released, but more often than not I am forced to wait until they are discounted before making a purchase. If it is a game that I am really hyped for then I will pre order it but if there is no multiplayer aspect to a game then I would personally never pay $60 for it and so renting would be my best bet. If there is a multiplayer aspect then you should do some research before renting it as many companies are now enforcing ‘Project Ten Dollar’ which charges you … right, you guessed it $10, to ‘unlock’ the multiplayer features of the game.  

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