Video Games Reviews Burning Fight Arcade

For the 1990s, Capcom and SNK has been toe-to-toe against each other in regards to the world of 2D fighting games from what I have seen. With the start and popularity of Capcom’s “Street Fighter II,” many companies jumped on the bandwagon. SNK has launched a few successful fighting game series. However, the 2D fighting game field was not the only battlefield. This also extended to 2D action beat ’em up games for the most part.

In the late 1980s, Capcom released a successful beat ’em up title called “Final Fight.” That had garnered a lot of attention. It had become a dominant force in the world of 2D beat ’em up games. Capcom would then launch more successful beat ’em up titles. Other companies would jump on the bandwagon. SNK launched many different beat ’em up titles to compete against Capcom. However, most of the games have failed to steal Capcom’s spotlight.

One such attempt would be the game known as “Burning Fight.” Unfortunately, it was a crash and burn for the game.

Storyline: C-

So far, it would seem that Burning Fight blatantly ripped off of Final Fight. In Final Fight, Metro City is under attack by the Mad Gear gang. It is up to the main characters to put a stop to the Mad Gear. In regards to Burning Fight, it seemed to lack an original story from what I have seen. This shows that SNK tried to rip off Capcom in regards to 2D fighting games.

 Characters: C-

The characters were un-inspirational for the most part. The players are: Duke, Ryu, and Billy. It would seem that Duke is a rip-off of Cody Travers from Final Fight. Ryu looks to be a rip-off of Guy from Final Fight. Billy is somewhat of a rip-off of Haggar. Duke Edwards and Billy King are NYPD officers doing a case in Japan for some reason to fight a crime syndicate. Ryu Saeba is a Japanese police officer working with the two of them.

If you take Cody, Guy, and Haggar, and make them cops, you end up with these guys. Overall, it is pretty unoriginal.

Graphics: C-

The graphics were all right. However, SNK could have done much better. Final Fight had better graphics than Burning Fight. It would seem that Capcom’s CPS-1 arcade board was superior over SNK’s Neo Geo’s MVS arcade board. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Capcom has maintained an edge over Capcom. The background stages were subpar and the game sprites were quite bulky.

Game Play: C-

The game play was quite disappointing from what I have seen. Final Fight’s game play was very tight and responsive. Burning Fight’s game play was quite the opposite. The controls were quite sluggish for the most part. I did not like the game play that much.

Overall: C-

The game was not that great. It shows that there are companies that rush into things just to jump on the bandwagon. This game is somewhat interesting. But, it is not something I would want to waste my quarters on. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download a copy of the game ROM.