Video Games Reviews Fight Fever Arcade

Around the early 1990s, Capcom released “Street Fighter II” which had become quite the popular 2D fighting game. Many other companies jumped on the bandwagon to create their own versions. Most of the companies had failed miserably. However, SNK became a formidable rival with all sorts of different fighting games. During that time, SNK created its Neo-Geo arcade machines which have different kinds of games.

This Korean company called Viccom would develop and publish a game for SNK’s Neo-Geo arcade machine. The game was known as “Fight Fever.” It is the first Korean game for the Neo-Geo arcade console. So far, one could deem Fight Fever as an attempt to siphon popularity from Street Fighter II. However, the game was not that successful. As a result, not many know about this game. But, it does have a small cult following.

Storyline: D-

There was a lack of a developed storyline in the game. One could say that this is a blatant attempt to siphon popularity and fame from Street Fighter II. This could possibly be the Korean equivalent to the World Warriors Tournament of Street Fighter II. Then again, not many people play fighting games for the sake of a developed storyline. People play fighting games to beat the living tar out of each other.

Characters: B-

During the time, one would have to say that the characters seem to be original. At the same time, some of them were considered to be Shotoclones. The characters are: Han Baedal, Miyuki, Rophen Heimer, Magic Dunker, Golrio, Kim Hoon, Chintao, Nick Commando, Master Taekuk, and Karate Kenji.

Han Baedal is like Ryu from Street Fighter II but with Tae Kwon Do. Kim Hoon is the game’s equivalent of Ken Masters from Street Fighter II. However, he does look like Ryo Sakazaki from “Art of Fighting.” Nick Commando seems to be based off of Street Fighter II’s Guile. Some characters are original. At the same time, the others are just rip-offs of other characters.

Graphics: D-

The graphics were not that great. While Street Fighter II was released sometime earlier around 1991, that game had superior graphics. The graphics for Fight Fever were very bulky for the most part. Then again, video game technology in the past was extremely primitive for the most part.

Game Play: C-

If you know how to play Street Fighter II, you should be able to play Fight Fever. The game play is very simplistic in which you fight with normal and special attacks. There is no super meter and there are no super moves in the game. In this respect, the game is all right but not that great.

Overall: C-

This is an interesting game. At the same time, it is not really appealing. It just seems to be nothing but a failed attempt to emulate Street Fighter II. Still, it is a game worth checking out. If you have an arcade emulator, you can always download a copy of the game ROM.