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    When collecting vintage recipe pamphlets, the best approach to use is the Internet. Searching in your area can yield rare treasures and great deals (face to face sales are the best), but the Internet will produce more results. First narrow what it is your looking for. Vintage recipe pamphlets is too generic a search. It will yield results if all you’re doing is collecting, but for practical uses you’ll want to narrow it down. 

If you’re looking for sweet treats, go to a search engine and type in ‘vintage dessert recipes’. If you’re looking for a recipe for lasagna, type in ‘vintage lasagna recipes’. Doing this will allow the search engine you use to better find results that relate to your inquiry. Websites like eBay are also useful, but searching the web with a search engine such as Google will allow for more variation in what you find. Also, some websites offer copies online so you don’t need to purchase them. This will save you lots of money if you aren’t dead set on having original copies. If you are, still finding these pamphlets on family owned personal websites will be cheaper than bidding for them on auction sites. 

Finally, don’t be discouraged! Searching online can be a daunting task sometimes when what you’re searching for is lost in translation. If you can’t find recipe pamphlets that are in your zone of interest, try a different venue. Most local bookstores will have  whole recipe books. Some of them are family published and have contact information. Even local libraries will have these great sources, and can used to contact publishers. If all else fails, you can talk to other collectors. If you find a site that has lots of vintage recipe pamphlets for sale, but not the one you’re looking for, talk to the website owner! There is no shame in asking for help. Often enough, if a website owner won’t share their secrets with you, they will track down your treasure for you to make a deal. Always be sure to see what you buy before you make a purchase. With free downloads, this is not a problem. But, when buying, you have to make sure what you’re looking for is the real deal. If you’re interested in collecting vintage only recipes, make sure the age of the document looks authentic and that the language holds accurately. Crazes and trends in today’s kitchen’s are very different from those in the past. An example would be a ‘vintage’ recipe pamphlet that calls for ‘egg white only’ and sweet’n’low sugar substitute might not be as old as it claims.