Virtual Farm Downloadable Game Review

Name of Game: Virtual Farm
By: Alawar Entertainment
Rating: 3/5

Virtual Farm is a game geared toward time management. The idea of the game is to grow and sell crops and take care of animals and sell their produce. The money you earn from the market place can be used to up grade farm tools, building and buy seed to plant more crops. Any one wanting to farm can experience the hard work involved in farming with out leaving your computer.

Game play

The game begins quite simple and is easy to learn. The farmer starts out caring for a crop of grass. When you see a drop of water hanging over the grass it needs watered. A star tells you the grass needs to be mowed. After mowing the grass the farmer puts it in the storage barn and continues until ready to sell the crop at the market place.

 The market place is simple. First you choose which crops or produce you want to sell and how much of the item. Next you set the price and that is it the crop sells its self as you go back to the farm screen and continue the tasks at hand. Once you have earned enough money you will be able to buy other seeds such as tomato seeds or cucumber seeds. You can also upgrade the farm equipment helping you to work more efficiently and earn more money. There are also animals to buy. Choose a cow and it will give you milk to sell. You can also accept contracts from other farms that would like to buy your produce. If you move quickly and manage your time wisely your farm will thrive and become successful. It gets a little boring and repetitive after a short while. There is not much of a challenge unless you like the time management and organization aspect of the game. This game seems geared toward the younger beginning game player.

Game control
The game is played with your mouse. It’s not complicated. Just click on the items you want the farmer to use such as the mower, water faucet, or the shovel. You also click on the crops you want him to mow then click on the storage shed so he will empty his mower. Not much of a challenge for experienced game players.


The graphics are average. The colors are bright and should attract younger game players.


The sounds and music are simple and do not interfere with the game play. They do not seem to be annoying. The music could have been better it is the same music you hear in most average games.

Creativity and Innovation

The game is not very different from other games on the market. It has a unique option in that while you are playing you can keep ahead of the farmer by clicking on choices in the order that you want the farmer to complete each task. Continue selecting the tasks and the farmer will get to them in the order you have selected each task in. Other than this option there is nothing else that makes this game stand out.

Over all it’s a nice game that will keep a beginning game players attention for a short time. This game might be good for a young child. They would gain some computer skills while having a little fun. I probably would not buy this game for myself as it got repetitive with in the trial period. Over all I would rate Virtual farm a three out of five.