War Gaming Guide to Weapons of Warhammer 40k

Imperial Guard Infantry Personal and Assault Weapons

If you compare the statistic lines between Imperial Guard Infantry and the basic infantry of most other armies, the members of the Guard come out looking very weak. However, what the Imperial Guard lack in their stat line, they make up for by having one of the widest range of personal weapons available. In fact, the Imperial Guard have access to weapons to suite almost any situation you can imagine.

Imperial Guard Hand-to-Hand Weapons

Because of their low weapons skill and strength, there is little reason to upgrade the hand-to-hand weapons of most Imperial Guard soldiers. However, there is one exception to this. If you have a character model with a high weapon skill and several attacks, it might be worth equipping them with a power sword. This will likely be worth a kill or two every combat round, and even gives the Imperial Guard some punch against heavily armored foes such as Space Marines.

Imperial Guard Personal Weapons.

The Lasgun: the standard weapon of Imperial Guard infantry, the Lasgun has few redeeming features. Lasguns are only useful when firing large volleys into an enemy. Unfortunately, there really is no way to escape equipping most of forces with them.

Shotguns: although shotguns have suffered greatly with the 4th edition rules, they are still slightly better than lasguns and if you have a chance to upgrade you should take it.

Assault Weapons:

The Grenade Launcher: Although the GL looks good on paper, it rarely accomplishes much in the game. Although capable of attack both armored and unarmored foes, it doesn’t do either of them very well.

Flamer: Great against armies full of weak, unarmored creatures and armies employing swarms. There flamer is a potentially devastating weapon that should never been overlooked.

Meltagun: The anti-tank weapon. Despite its short range, no Imperial Guard Army should come to battle without a few meltaguns. Equally effective against tanks and heavily armored infantry, the meltagun is one of the true equalizers between an Imperial Guard force and many of the other armies.

Plasmagun: Nothing scares space marines more than a plasma gun. A hit with a plasma gun is almost a sure kill against any infantry in the game. However, the plasmagun is saddled with a strange and childish rule that says the firer is killed on a role of a ‘1’

This rule is clearly calling out for a house rule. A couple I’ve seen, that both seem to work fine, and feel more realistic is either to make the plasma gun only able to fire every other turn, or on a role of a 1′ replace the plasma gunner with an ordinary trooper model to represent that the gun has overheated and become ineffective.

In the end, the Imperial Guard are going to have to rely on their greater numbers against most opponents. However, with the right choice of weapons, especially assault weapons, they greatly increase their chances of victory.