Warcraft Iii Frozen Throne Strategies for Playing Humans

Being a Warcarft 3 player, more specifically a Human player has taught me how to act when I see the races of my opponents pop up when my game is loading. The guide which I am going to write below, is in relation to Blizzard’s latest patch for Warcraft 3 and with reference to what I have learn from Professional Warcraft 3 players replays and analysis.

As a human player, first, you must know that your strength lies within the defensive towers (Guard Towers) and your casters (Priest and Sorceress). As a start, I will begin with the enemy as an Orc player. The Orc was never strong in the days when I started playing, but after the recent change by Blizzard, they have changed tremendously. There are TWO strategies which a Human player can execute when facing an Orc. The first strategy is going Mountain King, fast expansion and mass air. This strategy can be done only on maps like Melting Valley or Secret Valley, where militia fast expansion can be done easily. A player summons a Mountain King as their first hero instead of the standard Archmage here. Then, they will get their hero to level 3 fast, and expand at another gold mine. Then, the Human player has to constantly level and defend his expansion with Guard towers and his main base as well, till he reaches Tier 3 (Castle). The Human player will then build Gryphon Aviary’s and summon Gryphons against the mass land units of the Orc. However, the Orc will definitely counter this strategy with Batriders and Human should then get some Dragonhawks for air shackle. Note that while defending, killing the enemy’s Blademaster (Hero) will be a huge advantage. Also remember to continue creeping, if possible, to ensure you keep pace with the opponents hero and items.

Another strategy is the strategy created by the famous Chinese Warcraft 3 gamer, Sky, is the Sky rush. Here, the Human player goes the usual Archmage and gets to level in the fastest way possible. Once done, the Human player will send his Archmage and usually and army of 5 footman into the Orc’s base and try to destroy as many burrows as possible. This is so that the Human player can buy time for him to reach Tier 2 (Keep). Once at tier 2, the Human player will power build 2 Arcane sanctums and summon a Mountain King. After having so, he will then buy ivory towers, 3 sets and go back to the Orc’s base with 2 heroes, 6 sorcerers, 5 footmen and 6 militia. The idea here is to do a tower push. How to do it? Once entering the Orc’s base, place the ivory towers and upgrade them to Guard towers. Make sure that you build a Lumber Mill, as this is a common error made by newbies. Ensure that you defend the towers from the attacking Orc’s army. The militia should power build more towers once they turn back into peasants. If 5 towers are up and both your heroes are alive, the Orc army will have a hard time defeating you. Note however, that you will be under pressure performing this strategy and keeping cool is required. Victory time for this strat: Possibly less than 10 minutes.

The next race we will look at is the Night Elves. The first strategy one can do against a Night Elf player is the tower rush. This is however only recommended for maps for 2 players, where you know where your enemy’s base is. Here, the Human player goes Archmage and 3 footmen. They will then rush with 6 peasants to the enemies base and creating towers. The enemy will be creeping at this point of time and will be injured. Creepjacking is highly recommended here, before he reaches the moon wells. If he does, it would not be bad. Militia should build towers once they become peasants. If the enemy does not see this, he would leave the game as soon as he dies.

The standard strategy against Night Elves is however the mixture of mortar teams and casters. Here, the Human player goes standard Archmage and does a fast expansion. This is so that he will be able to keep up with the resources the Night Elf is getting. While upgrading to Keep, the Human army should hunt and try to stop the Night Elf hero from leveling. This can be done by creep jacking. Once at Keep, the Human should start building 1 workshop and 2 Arcane Sanctum. As a 2nd hero, I highly recommend the Pandaren Brewmaster due to his fire breath skill which damages an area. The Night Elf will go Bears and Dryads and this is the best strategy to against that because Mortars destroy Dryads easily and Sorcerers and Spell breakers can work well against the Bears. Remember that expansions should be defended by tower. One should always exploit their strength.

Next, against the Undead. This race has the strongest end game units in the game. To counter this, the Human should go standard once again. Go Archmage, fast expansion. This is so that you can keep up with their resources. Usually, the enemy will go Destroyers or Abominations as an Undead. To counter such a strategy, the Human will have to build as many towers as possible until he or she reaches Tier 3. At Tier 3, Human’s should go Knights, Flying Machines and mass towers in both base and expansion. The best hero build for this type of game is Archmage, Pandaren Brewmaster and a Paladin. A Staff available at Tier 3 from the Arcane Vault (Human Shop) is required. There is another strategy of going Paladin first, but I did not master this strategy. It has to do with constant harassment on the Acolytes.

The final strategy I will discuss here is against your own race. This match up usually turns out to be a mirror game, where both does the same strategy. The standard play is Archmage and Pandaren Brewmaster , Priest and lots of Spell breakers. In this match up, one can alternatively use the Mountain King instead of the Pandaren. This is because the Pandaren can blow fire at the priest healing from the back. Also, this match up is usually decided by who has an expansion and have more resources.

Before I close, always remember that leveling the hero is important. You do not want to be under level compare to your opponent. Also, higher level hero has better skills compared to a lower one. Items are also important to a hero and the army. Getting scrolls of healing or scrolls of protection can help in big battles or match deciding battles. Certain items which can be picked up from killing neutral creeps can benefit the army. 

Practice makes perfect in strategy games. Practicing quick finger movements and being able to think and execute is key in Warcraft 3. Once you are able to micromanage and macromanage, the game will be easy if you are fighting against a person who can’t multi task as fast as you. GAME ON!