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Warcraft Iii Frozen Throne Strategies for Playing Night Elves

I have developed a good strategy that wins very often and is simple enough for a beginner. I use it against all races. It is based on having a Priestess of the Moon with a lot of huntresses. Here how it goes:

Send all your wisps to gold, then take two and build an altar and a well. Build two more wisps for gold, and six for wood. Once the well and altar are ready, train a priestess at altar and send the wisps to wood.

When you have 140 wood, build an ancient of war, preferably so that he covers your wood wisps. After you have 100 wood, build a huntress hall. Once you have 40 wood, build another well, and when you have 60 wood, build another ancient of war.

About this time the priestess should be ready. Take the aura – even though searing arrows are better while she is alone, aura will be useful later, and will not waste well mana for mana restoration.

If there are very weak creeps nearby, attack them.

Once an ancient is ready, start producing huntresses. When you have resources, build wells until you have 50 upkeep. If you have enough wood and gold, upgrade huntress weapons.

Meanwhile, creep with your army. Take searing arrows as second skill, and upgrade aura as a third.

As you are reaching the 50 food cap, research armor upgrade too. Once you reach 50, attack the enemy base. There is hardly anything he can do against such an army.

It is possible that you will be attacked while you creep. As long as you have enough huntresses, you will win almost every early army. Do not let him kill your huntresses! It is very easy to make wounded ones retreat or hide at night.
Once he runs, press alt and tell your army to run after him and finish off the wounded units

Now, this strategy should be adjusted to your opponent’s race:

vs. Orc: He will most probably harass with a blademaster. If you cover the wisps well, he will try and kill the priestess. So put your priestess next to your main tree and use the wells to heal. The tree will hit the blademaster, and he will be forced to retreat. After this, take the owl scout as the second skill, and cast it when he goes invisible. This will probably get him killed.

As he will see that you use huntresses, he will get wyverns. Because of this, as you go to his base, build some archers – they will arrive after you destroyed his land forces to clear out the wyverns.

If you destroyed his army (or most of it), do not be afraid of burrows or watchtowers. Go in and destroy the burrows and the peons that pop out, the teleport out if you lost your army or the priestess is going to die. Buy more huntresses and return – as you killed his burrows and peons, he will be unable to rebuild a good defense.

vs. Night Elf: You must finish him off before he gets bears, as those will be much stronger than huntresses. He will probably get a demon hunter early on, so use the same strategy as versus a blademaster – use the cover of your trees.

vs. Undead: Huntresses will annihilate both ghouls and fiends, so it should not be a problem. He might get gargoyles, but do not worry, as those do little damage to land units. Just kill his land army with huntresses, and then build archers as you kill his base (start with the gold mining acolytes. The gargoyles will kill a huntress or two, but it is insignificant by now. You can also use the priestess to kill gargoyles.

vs. Humans: Huntresses will be very strong against footmen or riflemen, so it’s again an easy match. Once you come close to his base, he will probably call the militia – let him. Your huntresses will easily kill those too. If you lost too many huntresses, retreat and rebuild (he will not be able to rebuild as he lost his peasants by now).

This strategy is quite easy to implement, and will win against most non-professional players.

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