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Warcraft Iii Frozen Throne Strategies for Playing Orcs

My orc strategy depends on harassing with a blademaster and to tech quickly to tier 2. Before starting the game, thumb down large maps – you will need to find your opponent quickly. First, send all peons to gold, and build some more.
Take one peon to build an altar and another to build a burrow – placement is very important – the burrow must be adjacent to the town hall (on the opposite side from the mine), and the altar should be adjacent to the burrow, covering it from attacks.

Make sure that 5 peons are gathering gold, and train peons so that you will have another 5-6 that either gather wood or build.

If you do not know where your enemy is, once you have 5 gold gatherers, send the next peon to scout. Do not scout all possible positions, your blademaster will do that, but eliminate options so that he will go in more or less a straight route.

Once you have enough gold, build a war mill next to the wood.
Once altar is ready, train blademaster. When burrow is ready, build another one near the war mill.

Build a Vodoo Lounge near the altar to create a short wall that protects your base.

Once the mill is ready, build two towers behind this wall.

Send the blademaster to the enemy base. Once you are close, use windwalk to turn invisible, and go in. Usually, you will want to kill his workers, but if once you enter you see that he just started to build something, kill the building first.
Now, depending on race:

• If he is undead, kill acolytes. You should be able to kill two or more.
If he is night elf, kill wood gatherers. It might be a problem if he spread them around the map or covered with ancients – in this case try to kill archers.
If he is orc, kill wood gatherers.

• If he is human, kill wood gatherers too, unless he has a peasant building something – then kill the peasant, and then the building he is building (if it has low health).

Once the enemy returns with his army, go Windwalk and retreat. Return once he leaves (even if does not leave, but just stand there, go to the wood gather that is most far from his hero, kill him and run away).

During the harrassment, watch for your resources – once you have enough, upgrade the town hall.

When your blademaster runs out of manna, or is too wounded, make him return.

By now, you saw the enemies army and base, and if he has a sizeable army, add some towers. Upgrade armor in the mill.

Have your blademaster buy a healing salve and clarity potions, use them as needed and go back to the enemy to harass some more. He probably built some defenses, expecting you, and then you should either find a wood gatherer away from the defenses or try to creep jack the enemy hero.

Once town hall is upgraded, build two bestiaries and a burrow. Continue harassing.

When bestiaries are ready, check out the enemies army – if it does not have much anti air, build wind riders. Otherwise build raiders. Build another burrow. Upgrade the relevant weapons for the units you build.

If harassing is becoming too hard, once you have your first units, creep with them and your blademaster (if you are really good, try harassing with hero and creeping with units, just make sure not to lose any of them). If you have gold, train a tauren chieftain. Take stomp for him.

Once you are close to 50 upkeep, start building another burrow. If you have resources, upgrade weapons once more. If you use raiders, research ensnare and pillage. Then take your army and attack the enemy. If you harassed well, and chose the unit type correctly, you will win for sure.

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