Ways to Display Childrens Artwork

Children’s artwork is always a pleasure to look at. It can be just lines and scribbles or blotches of color but these pieces of artwork are precious and they can be displayed in various ways and in different places.

One very simple way to display a child’s artwork is to mount it against a bright background so that it stands out. This can be placed in a scrap book where it is possible to add even more pieces of art when they are done.

Because children are very active and very creative, they will come up with a lot of artwork. Choose the best and most unique pieces for displaying. Some of the work may be abstract, some may consist of drawings of people, animals and buildings. Choose something from each category. Also choose something from each different year and phase in their lives. As the child grows older, note the change in the quality and art style and be sure to keep some of the artwork.

Stylish bulletin boards with a glass covering also provide excellent display areas for children’s artwork. These can be placed in the children’s bedroom or in the hallway and because they hold quite a number of art pieces, they can serve as miniature galleries. A florescent light tube can be placed inside the bulletin board to further emphasize the display.

Alternatively, you can frame the artwork. You can purchase any frame that pleases you. There are choices of plastic, metal, wooden, or any other crafted frame. Choose a frame with clear glass and make sure that it is about two inches larger than the piece of art that you are going to display. Again, mount the artwork on a piece of bright paper. Deep red or black provide a good background for almost any piece of artwork and also look very professional. You can print neatly the name of the child and date when the art was created in the bottom right corner.  Make it look like a regular show piece.

If the artwork portrays plants, you can enhance it by gluing small dried twigs, grass or flowers in different places. You can also add a few small pebbles or shells to make it more unique. Homemade wooden frames are good for this kind of artwork.

Once the artwork is ready for framing, choose the appropriate frame and place the piece of art inside. Place the framed art on the wall where it is clearly visible. Pictures placed above the mantle on the fireplace get a lot of attention because they are generally well displayed. Put a light above it for emphasis. You will be amazed at the transformation. A good display makes all the difference. Your child’s simple artwork can become a masterpiece.