Webkinz Toys Plush

Webkinz are amazing stuffed animals that are perfect for this technology advanced day in age. They can literally occupy kids, and adults for hours at a time. Webkinz are small plush animals that almost resemble a Beanie Baby. Every single Webkinz pet comes with its own unique code that can be typed in on the Webkinz World Website. While on the website, kids can feed, care, play games, and decorate a house for their very own Webkinz pet. Each different pet can have its own little world, and can interact and play with the other pets. 

Now there are over three hundred species of Webkinz that have been invented. There are many sites where you can look up the master lists of what pets there are, which ones have been retired, and many other details. One of the best sites for finding all the Webkinz is http://www.kootykinz.com/webkinz/list-of-pets.htm . This website lists all the pets, even shows a picture of what they look like. They are sorted alphabetically, and you can also looked them up using descriptors such as “Hoofed Webkinz” or “Flying Webkinz” just to name a few. This site is very easy to use, even a child could navigate around on it. 

By visiting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Webkinz_stuffed_animals , you can find a really detailed list of all the Webkinz, even what the particular pet does, and what it eats. This site is also informative because it gives retire dates. Wikipedia is known for having very reliable information, so this is a site that can most likely be trusted.

There are a few other sites that also give the master list of Webkinz. By checking out http://hubpages.com/hub/List_of_Webkinz , you can find the master list, along with the release and retire date, and what item and food they come with. If you are looking for Webkinz, you can check out the side bar of this site. It shows some Webkinz for sale on sites like eBay also. 

Last but not least,  Webkinz Insider gives lists of when select Webkinz will be released and retired, so you can keep up with them. The following link,  http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/f119/complete-webkinz-list-available-retired-seasonal-357225/ is just one example of updated retired Webkinz. It is more of a forum type website, so the information may not be as reliable as Wikipedia, or other pages. However, there is some very useful information on that site.

Webkinz do continue to increase in popularity. In 2006, there were over one million Webkinz World accounts. The company who invented Webkinz in 2005, Ganz, has brought in over 100 million dollars with the popular Webkinz. They certainly have become one of the hottest toys around.