What are Nitro Rc Vehicles

Nitro, is short for nitromethane. Nitromethane is an organic compound that is comprised of the chemical formula CH3 and NO3. This chemical formula is frequently used as a solvent in numerous industrial applications which include cleaning solvents, as a reaction medium, and in extractions, and is also very commonly used in the manufacturing of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fibers, and explosives. Racing sports have also been using nitromethane as an extremely potent racing fuel, which includes the sport or hobby of RC(Radio Controlled) racing.

Watching a nitro powered RC vehicle is exhilarating, as the nitro powered RC vehicle can travel with speeds between 20-90 miles per hour, depending on the scale and the engines. Nitro powered RC vehicles started out being chiefly RC airplanes, helicopters, and boats, but have now moved on to radio controlled cars and trucks. There are numerous different types, scales and levels that a nitro RC vehicle can possess, allowing RC enthusiasts a variety to choose from when purchasing a nitro RC vehicle.

The type of a nitro RC vehicle is extremely simple to explain and understand, as they are basically off-road, and on road vehicles, yet there are also several types of each category. Off road vehicles would include nitro radio controlled vehicles that could withstand running in clay, dirt, sand, and some are able to withstand mud. On road nitro radio controlled vehicles would need to be primarily used on paved surfaces.

The scale of a nitro powered RC vehicle is determined according to it’s size compared to it’s full sized counterpart. Typically a nitro RC vehicle is made on a scale of 1/10 of the size of a full size vehicle, yet there are several other variations. The smallest scale nitro RC vehicle available to purchase is built on a scale of 1/12, while the largest is built on a scale of .

The level of the nitro RC vehicle is completely related to the performance and quality of the particular vehicle. A low end, low level nitro RC vehicle can be purchased for around $150, while the high end, high level nitro RC vehicles can point you in the direction of about $1500, which would be more for racing purposes.

If you have never operated a nitro powered RC vehicle, it is in your best interest to start with a low end vehicle until you get a feel for all the power it can dish out, and then work your way up to the more expensive models. These vehicle can go incredibly fast, thus can get into crashes just like a normal sized vehicle, and can total out the nitro RC vehicle, so learn how to drive the vehicle properly before you start pouring money into a high end nitro RC vehicle.